Live Every Day Like It's the Last!

Live Every Day Like It's the Last!

It was a shocking news that rippled through my Secondary school’s whatsapp groups. First, it was the shock.  When the shock had passed, questions surfaced. But then, no one knew the answer.  Anyway, the answer was inconsequential, because it didn’t matter anymore. I have not seen her since we left school.

In my memory, she was a warm and friendly person.  She always wore a smile on her face and was ever approachable to all. She always had something nice to say to everyone. Her results were superb and I assume that she was also extremely capable at work because she was holding a c-level post at a renowned medical institution. She was only 40 when she passed on, leaving behind a 9 year old child. Many people were grieving for her because she was such a warm and loving person.

She was one of the few people who have passed away in their prime.  It was always unexpected. I guess they didn’t expect that themselves either.

It’s always these shocking events that make me drop everything that I was doing, take a break from my ever hectic schedule (this is self-inflicted), to ponder over what I have achieved and what I really want to attain.

Life is too short :

To be doing things that don’t make me happy.

To be spent on undeserving people who are ungrateful.

To be complaining about every single things that doesn’t go my way.

To be pandering to the whims of people who don’t matter to me.

To be wasted on fighting over little things with petty people.

It’s time :

To say no to things that don’t bring me joy.

To be with my loved ones and people who matter to me, especially my grandmother and parents who are getting on in years.

To ignore nincompoops and beasts.

To fulfill my bucket list.

To indulge in some self pampering.

It’s time to live every single day as though it’s my last. Live life with no regrets!

Rest in Peace, my friend.

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  1. Yeah. Sometimes we have to take a step back and take a breather. It’s easy to get caught up in the daily grind and forget about what really matters. I’ve lost a few schoolmates as well and every time it happened, I get reminded that the people who will grieve longest for me don’t usually come from my workplace.

    By the way, the five things you mentioned that you should avoid doing, all suspiciously emanate from that one source. If u need help to permanently remove THAT source, just give me the nod. I know people…

    1. I would grieve for you leh…. *touch wood*

      You think too much. Besides, I wouldn’t waste that kind of money for rubbish removal. I may as well donate it to the needy.

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