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Day: July 26, 2015

And So.. Humpty Didi Had A Bad Fall…

And So.. Humpty Didi Had A Bad Fall…

All it took was a slippery ground after water play and the metal floor track of the sliding door. Humpty Didi slipped and landed his shin on the metal track. 

He said that he cried “not very loudly” and no one paid him any attention so he picked himself up and limped into the classroom. 

My heart went out to him when I heard it. The teachers probably didn’t think much of it since he didn’t bawl his eyes out. But he was unable to rest his weight on his left leg. 

I googled his condition online and read that there’s a possibility of toddler fracture (hairline fracture). 

Still as cheeky as ever. 

Ming Ming : Caroline’s 奶奶 (grandmother) said I’m buat Toh (with an English slang). But, Mommy, I’m not Buat Toh. I’m Cheng Ming!! (Indignantly)

*Buat Toh is hokkien for fall down.