D Day! Primary 1 Registration!

D Day! Primary 1 Registration!

Ever since 宝贝口水妹 was born, I’ve already made up my mind that she would study at my alma mater. I’ve imagined that she would don the white-shirt-blue-pinafore uniform in her china doll hairstyle like how I wore mine for the 10 years I was there. 

I brought her to the school during the school celebration and showed her around, pointing out my favourite spots, telling her that would be where she would spend 6 happy years of her life, or maybe more. 

Yet, on the registration day, I made the decision not to register her there. Everyone (except for a handful), even myself, thought I was mad. To give up a place at such a “branded” school. I made the decision to enroll her in a co-ed school, which was nearer to my home, and one that would enable her younger brother to get in with ease. 

It was painful. It felt like the end. It felt like turning down the boy whom I liked lots lots, but knew that he simply wasn’t right for me. 

It wasn’t the pain of giving up a branded school, like what everyone said. To me, it has never been so. It wasn’t a branded school, it was simply MY school. It was more of giving up a dream that I’ve always had. To see a mini me, running happily around in school in her white and blue. 

Maybe it’s because I wanted to relive the most carefree years of my life through her, in the same school. The life I had, when things were still white and black, good and bad, when the biggest problem was someone “not friending” you. 

So now the curtain has fallen. Lucy can never go back to Narnia because she’s grown up. I’ve never thought that I would be overwhelmed with emotions. But I am. What a dork! 

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  1. Ouch. That sucks. I would never have been able to do what you did. Hope I never have to make such a decision. Ever.

    Did I mention that sucks?

    1. You already have all your bases covered, even if no 5 comes along. Worry not.

      Anyway, it’s just a “at that moment” kind of thingy. After I’ve spilled it out, I felt better.

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