Ming Ming's Diary – How to Drink Water Like a Man!

Ming Ming's Diary – How to Drink Water Like a Man!

Good morning Everyone!! Have you missed me?? I couldn’t blog yesterday because my Mama was very sick yesterday.

Being a good son, I spent the whole of yesterday taking care of her and the house.


I didn’t spit food on the floor, didn’t mess up the toys, didn’t lick the furniture yesterday! That’s how well I kept the house!!


So proud of myself!!!!


Ok ok. Enough praises. Shy leh.

The topic for today is…. *drum roll*

How to drink WATER like a MAN!

Yes yes. Many of you are doing it wrongly. I see some people holding their mugs like this….


This is WINE drinking. Make no mistake about it! Please do not hold your water mugs like this!!! Especially with the lotus finger or people will mistake you for “east side no lose” 东方不败.


Or some people hold it like that. NONONONO!!

The correct way is to…


Hold your mug firmly with both your hands. So that you won’t spill any on yourself of the floor.

Then you tilt your head back and drink!!!


Then you will be able to taste how sweet water is! Especially during a drought like this!! Don’t waste water!!!


Hey! What’s that on the ceiling!?? Is it the darn mossie that feasted on me last week???

Oops sorry!!! Concentrate on your drinking Ming Ming! Bad example!!! 😡


Gulp gulp gulp


Hmmm… Is it stuck?? Shake shake shake. There’s still water in it.


Ok folks, when this happens, according to my past experiences, you need to change your drinking position….


Sitting on the floor!


See! It works every time!!!


That’s how you drink water like a man!!

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