Ming Ming's Diary – Celebrity Baby Chef

Ming Ming's Diary – Celebrity Baby Chef


Good morning good morning everyone! Welcome to the Celebrity Baby Chef show!

If Ming can cook, so can YOU!


Now folks, the most basic thing that you need to know… Is… To turn on the stove!

Here! Let me demonstrate!

See! I’m so good at it that I can even do it behind my back!!


And now you need to find stuff to cook!

Lalalalala! Let me check out my stock in the cupboard.


Hmmm…. *rummage rummage*

You know, an awesome cook like me can whip up gourmet food from ordinary ingredients…

Hang on… Let me see….


Wait a minute!! Who broke my tap???

Why is it hanging by its hinge??? Gosh! I need to do everything myself! You’d have thought that they would prepare everything before inviting the great Ming Ming to a cooking show?!

*roll eyes*


Ok fixed. Nothing can daunt me… Except… There’s nothing to cook!!!

C’mon! I’m a chef. Not a Harry Potter!!! I can create yummy dishes from any food stuff. But how do you expect me to cook something out of thin air?!

*waves my wand* foodalicious!!!
Hahahaha. See! It doesn’t work!!


Sigh…. I’ve to do my own grocery shopping. You can’t depend on hired help these days…..

I’ll be back!!!! Watch out for me at the next episode of ….

The Celebrity Baby Chef show – if Ming can cook, so can you!

See you next time!!!

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