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Day: December 20, 2014

Ming Ming's Diary – It's Gym Day!

Ming Ming's Diary – It's Gym Day!


Hiya folks!!! It’s gym day again!! 💪💪💪

A fit Ming Ming is a healthy Ming Ming. A healthy Ming Ming is Mr Sunshine Ming!!


Watch me bounce on the giant bouncing ball! *giggle* Do you believe that I can bounce all the way to the moon???? Let me show you!!


Boing Boing Boing!!!


Oopsy! This is tiring! *pant pant* all the way there and back. I’m going to try for Mars next. I’ll grab some Mars bars back for you!!


Hmm… I think it’s much faster to go on wheels then to continue bouncing on the ball.

Me drive??? No way!! I’m the boss!! Bosses sit at the back!!! *whispers* see! That’s my chauffeur.

Huh?! Nothing Papa!! I didn’t say anything! You’ve heard wrongly. *smiles at Papa beatifically*


Ah ha! Here’s my destination. Time to alight!


This is hard work!! Crawling on the balance bar!! But the thought of having a trim and fit body after the work out pushes me on!

Go Ming Ming Go!! You can do it!! Rawrrrr!!!!


Hey!! There’s a phone there!!! *looks around* yoo hoo!!!

Whose phone is that?!?! Look! I’m an honest boy!!! There’s a phone here!!!

But if no one claims it, I’m going to take it over?!?!

Hmmm… Ok quickly update my blog then put it back. Me honest honest. No take strange phones at gym.


Trying out the scooter next. Vroom!!! Wobble wobble! Careful Ming Ming!! Balance balance!!!


I guess this is still my favourite ride. It even has a bum rest. Just nice for my tight butt.

Huh? I’m riding it back to front?? Now look here buddy! I’m holding the handlebar. That’s the front!! The one behind is my butt rest!!!


And let me demonstrate how to drive it.

*push push* then you wriggle your butt against the butt rest. You get to exercise your butt as well.

There!!! Now that’s the right way to ride the bum kneader!!!