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Day: December 18, 2014

Ming Ming's Diary – Earthshaking Snores 😖😖😖

Ming Ming's Diary – Earthshaking Snores 😖😖😖


My papa is snoring so loudly that the bed is shaking!!! How am I going to get any sleep??? I’m going to get dark circles under my eyes! Horrors! Eye bags too!!

I won’t look Mingalicious tomorrow!! 😩


Arghhh!!! The whole bed is shaking!!! I wonder if he’d stop if I stick my fingers up his nostrils???


Papa made me so tired with his incessant snoring that I almost overslept and missed school!!!

And I LOVE school!!

There are 101 things you can do in school!! Infinite number of toys! All the gentle and loving babes there!

They shouldn’t call it school. They should call it PARADISE!! 😍😍😍

When you were at my age, have you ever thought of what you want to be when you grow up?

Well I have!

I thought really really hard about it. It really wasn’t an easy decision.

How did I decide? Arh! That’s the secret. I tried all the headwear in school! The one that makes me look the most suave, that’s the one!!


Fire fighter?? Nah!

Postman?? Hmmm…


Cool??? You can’t see me???

My whole head is in the helmet!! It’s safer this way! It’s bullet proof!! Me thinks I look kind of cool in the police’s helmet.


There! My handsome face!! My side view. Suave law enforcer???


Part of my job. Patrolling along the corridors. To keep my school safe from the baddies.


Fall in!!! Time for physical exercise!

I’m mean! I’m tough!! *flexes muscles*

I’m a policeman! Don’t you mess with me!


I stretched and stretched and ate my toes!!!


Easy peasey. I’m in tip top condition! Fit as a fiddly policeman! 💪💪💪


Huff puff! That was a tiring session. Now to sit down and practise my painting.

Whaaat??? Mama! Where did my cute tigger romper go? You forgot to bring my apron?!

And now you are expecting me to paint in my birthday suit???

I can’t think naked! Return me my clothes!!! I’m the only naked boy in class!!!


There goes my cool law enforcer image! After all the effort I’ve put in. 😑