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Day: December 17, 2014

Ming Ming's Diary – Mama May I Have a Phone Pulease?? (2nd Attempt)

Ming Ming's Diary – Mama May I Have a Phone Pulease?? (2nd Attempt)

Yes! My first attempt failed. But I never give up!!


Jie Jie : Mama when can I buy a phone?
Mama : at the age when I got my first phone.
Jie Jie : how old??
Mama : 21
Jie Jie: waaa!!! I’m only 4!!
So long! But Mama it’s not a real phone. It’s a toy phone.
Mama : toy phone?? That’s even worse! A waste of money and no real use!!
Jie Jie: but Mama, Amanda and Clare have it. It’s a hello kitty phone! And it’s really pretty! (Tsk! wrong strategy! I told her not to mention hello kitty at all cost!! But did she listen to me?! Sigh! *face palm*)


Oh man! It’s so hard to update my blog without my own phone. Mama has been working day and night. When I wake up, she kisses me and leaves for work. Then I fall asleep for the night, when she’s home.

I never get to use her phone!! Hmmmpppff!!!

I’ve even convinced my cutie pie Jie Jie to ask Mama to buy her a phone so that I can Erm… Borrow it from her.

Mama: you have so many things that they don’t have! Why don’t you ask them to ask their Mamas to buy those for them?? I’ll give you 10 cents a day. You can buy one when you have saved up enough. (It’s going to take a million years!!)

Sigh! We should have done the Papa way. It’d have been much easier. 😕


Say! They have lots of phones in school. Do you think they would notice it if I nick one??


Hmmm… It can’t seem to fit into my pocket.


Maybe if I fold it this way….


I know!!! I can slot it inside my jacket and strap it to my tummy!!! No one will know!! Ah ha!!! 😉

I’ll just use it to update my blog then return it to school!! Borrow only!!!