Ming Ming’s Diary – I Dream a Dream

Ming Ming’s Diary – I Dream a Dream


I dreamt that I had a dream. Woo hoo! Sounds so poetic!! I should have it trademarked!!

What?? I can’t? It’s already the name of a song in a musical?? Aww!! Who stole my idea???

Anyway, I had a happy dream! I dreamt that I was surrounded by a bevy of pretty pretty little girls. One was fanning me with a peacock fan. One was feeding me with a milk bottle. Another one was spooning apple purée into my mouth.

Waaa!! So blissful!! I was so happy that I started laughing HAHAHA!!

And started munching all the yummy food!!

My best dream ever!! Every baby boy’s favourite wet dream!

What?? I’m still sleeping!? Does this mean that I’m dream-writing my blog?? Gosh! I discover new skills I possess every new day.

I’m quite a boy wonder, eh???

Ok… Going back to my dream. HEHEHEHE!!

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