Ming Ming’s Diary – It’s Story Time!

Ming Ming’s Diary – It’s Story Time!

Hello everybody! Today I’m going to read you a book.

When you read you must sit up straight. Just like me. Let me show you my side profile. Yes, straight like me!


Everybody, read after me. Say good night!


That’s right. After you say good night, you sleep.


Why am I wearing a bib when I sleep? Hmmm good question! You see, sometimes I dream of yummy things, so I need to be ready to eat them up anytime, anywhere! That’s it!! Yes! For dreamy yummy things!! Nom Nom Nom.

What do you mean I drool when I sleep. No way! Cute babies don’t drool. Only doggies drool. Do I look like a puppy to you?? 🐶

Hey stop interrupting my story telling! Now where was I?

Now read after me, the little boy jumped up and down in the mud. Hop hop hop.



Like this!!! Fast hopping like me!! So fast that I’m a blur!! Faster than superman!! I’m super baby!!!


What? Energizer bunny? I’m no bunny. I’m superbaby!!!

I bet you can’t hop as fast as I can!!

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