Ming Ming’s Diary – It’s Selfie Time!

Ming Ming’s Diary – It’s Selfie Time!


Hey! Whose big fat trotter is that??

Oh.. It’s mine. ☺️ I’m still not very good with taking selfies yet. I need more practice…

I must remember not to put my hand in front of the camera while I’m taking photos…


Oops!! Almost there! *mutter*

Stupid hand. Ming ming, aim properly.

Why are you sniggering?? I’m referring to my camera aiming. And NotWhatchaThinkingOf!! My aim in that area is flawless! I always managed to shoot myself in my face with my own pee.

But I heard that pee is not good for complexion so I stopped doing it.


Finally!!! I managed to fit my fat face into the view. Butter fingers I have…



There! Selfie 201. More advanced module. It is soooo amateurish to take selfies, looking directly at the camera.

It’s an art to do it au naturale. Look away, look stylo, look vogue.

There! Stylo is my middle name. That makes me Ming Stylo Ming. MSM!

Not MainStream Media!! Sigh! Noobs! It’s Ming Stylo Ming! What? Same acronym as Mainstream Media?? Tell them to change the acronym. It’ll henceforth be known as MM!! Ok!

I must go and trademark MSM.


There! Another supermodel pose!


Hmmm… I should send some of these to Elite model. I look so yummy.

How about this one? The looking down, shy, boy-next-door look?? The kind that girls want to bring home to show their moms??


This one too??? Reaching up for the sky! Wow! I’m quite poetic, aren’t I?

I should just send them all in. So that they can see me from all angles. I’m after all a very versatile model.

Whhaaattt? Send them my nude photos too??? So that they can pitch me for Calvin Klein diaperwear??

Hmm… Worth considering, my Mama can save a lot of money from that. Maybe she can send me to Stanford with the money she saves? Yes? No?


How about this one?? It’s an old photo of me. Stylo Milo Ming.
Mama said that I looked like Leon Lai in that old hk Sam Seng drama (whatever that means?!)


Ah! A half nude one!! For my Calvin Klein Diaperwear! This one it shall be.

Huh? Full nude?! Cannot lar. It’s like playing cards. You can’t show hand. Or there’s no value left.

Just use your imagination! With all the yoga that I do, I’ve a killer body!

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