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Day: December 9, 2014

小小宝贝’s bedtime story

小小宝贝’s bedtime story

This feels like a déjà vu. When 宝贝 was around her brother’s age, we used to have bedtime talks. But nothing as violent as sumo wrestling, just pure talking.

Now it’s 小小宝贝’s turn. My children are all born chatter boxes. They started talking before they could walk.

We just started putting both of them to bed in the same room. Whilst 宝贝 is a wonderful sleeper (thank goodness!) who doesn’t wake up unless there’s an earthquake, 小小宝贝 doesn’t go to bed on time, gets up early and hates to sleep unless he’s forced to bed.

宝贝 has already fallen asleep. I was pretending to be asleep. 小小宝贝 was lying on his bed with his sister’s rabbit soft toy (named zhashi) which he has abducted and proclaimed that it’s his henceforth.

Deciding that he’s bored and not the least bit sleepy, he suddenly sat up with the rabbit in his arm.

“Zhashi is climbing up. Window is dirty. Zhashi clean window.”

I peeped at him discreetly.

The rascal was standing on his toes with his bunny at the window grills. He’s staging a “play” which revolved around a rabbit cleaner. 😥

“Zhashi climbed high high. Aiyo! Zhashi fell down. Zhashi is pain pain.”

Then I heard sounds of mock crying. Waa..! Still have sound effects! At this point, I almost laughed out loud. It was so difficult to pretend to be sleep, keep a straight face and not laugh at his antics. He was rubbing his eyes, pretending to cry…

“Zhashi is tired. Zhashi sleep.” He gently put the bunny down on his pillow and covered the bunny with his own blanket. And laid down beside it.

Oh great! Finally he’s finally going to sleep!! 🎉🎉🎉

Within 5 mins he sat up again. Argh!!!! *pull out hair* 😑😖😖😖

宝贝’s arm was dangling down from the side of her bed. He’s sleeping in a pull out between the wall and her bed. So her arm was practically beside his face. Too tempting!

He put his own hand in her hand and shook her hand. And laughed to himself. Then he started playing with his sister’s fingers. “1,2,3,4,5….” Then giggled to himself for reasons unknown to me. Then he started getting bolder and started tugging at her and pulling her hand.

Sigh! Why me!!

I sat up. And he stared at me in horror and screamed, ” no no! Mama sleep!!!”

“No! YOU sleep!”

With that I brought him down in a sumo hug, legs scissors crossed over him while he struggled. After 5 mins of screaming and struggling (amazingly, 宝贝 slept through the ruckus!), then all was quiet.

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