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Day: December 6, 2014

Ming Ming’s Diary – My First Lou Hei

Ming Ming’s Diary – My First Lou Hei

Massive backlog on my diary… What to do… Small fingers I have. It takes me very long to blog a post. Please bear with me!

2014 cny eve

Yesterday evening I had my first Lo hei!!


But I was too tired to Dayre about it. My normal bedtime is at 630pm. By the time Mama and Papa brought me home, it was almost 9pm. And me?? I was already in Lala land.

When I heard we were going for a Lo hei I was expecting something black (黑黑)but it was so colourful.


The waiter was chanting some prayers as he poured the ingredients onto the plates. I saw his 💦💦💦splatter into the Lo hei. Eeeks! So I didn’t eat any, smart baby I am.


Then all the adults used their chopsticks to toss everything and more chanting and more saliva!!! 😱

Ah..! Now I know. That’s Lo hei!!!

My Jie Jie said her fruits tasted better than the Lo hei. There she was. Eating the fruits.


Pretty babe right? I’m so proud of her. Anyone who wants to date her will have to go through me!!!

Let me see…. I like to drink milk!! Lots of milk. You will need to bribe me with milk then maybe I’ll consider introducing her to you. 😏

And me? Haiz. I forgot to bring food. 1st time at the reunion dinner. So noob. Next time I’ll remember to bring my own food like my Jie Jie.

I can only play with my limited edition toy car.


I got bored with my toy car after a while. Hey! Adults take so long to eat their food. Sheesh!!


I had to walk around on the chairs and remind everyone to hurry up!! It’s past Ming Ming’s bedtime. Omg!!! It was way way past!! Hey I need to sleep so that my brain can develop!!! You are making my iq drop by a few notches!!!

Why is your mouth so small?? Like a guppy?? Open it bigger!!! Like this!! RAWR!! Eat faster!!!


I need to go home for my princely sleep. *yawn*