Affordable Art Fair 2014

Affordable Art Fair 2014

I wanted to blog about 小小宝贝 but my phone memory is down to 0mb. Can’t take anymore photos with it. 😭 So I’m clearing my photo backlog.

Nat gave me 2 tickets to the AAF. Turned out that the person who was supposed to go with me couldn’t make it. Tried asking the people around me.
1. Wanted to go but not in SG or had prior appointment.
2. Eee! Simi Lai eh?! Art fair?? – cultural desert – you know who you are. Don’t want to name you niah!!

So I went there on my own. I used to wander into art galleries (well, pre-children days). Now I hardly have the chance to do that. So I thought I should take a day off. And maybe buy an art piece or two since it’s supposed to be affordable.

But, boy! Was I wrong! I should go to EAAF (extremely affordable art fair) not just AAF. Still out of my budget. 😅 I still can’t see myself forking out a few grand for a piece of art. I need to work harder and make more money. Nevertheless, I saw some paintings that I liked, some interesting ones and some which left me wondering, huh?! Like that also can?!


This was the “huh! Like that also can?!” Expand it on your screen, yes, you are right! It’s made up of Lego figurines! And guess what was the price tag?? A whopping 10 grand!!! I counted. 330 figurines. I’ve already started my Lego figurine collection. Soon I’ll have my $10k art piece framed and hanging on my wall. Cool yah?!


This one?? Just kidding. It’s an art piece by 小小宝贝.


That’s the little artist hard at work. But… Kid you not! Some pieces really looked like that! I could have it up for sale and market him as the prodigal baby artist and make him work for his education fund.

Or else an abstract piece like this by 宝贝.

Preschooler drawing

Anyway, here are some which I liked or found them interesting.


I like round and colourful things. This fits very aptly. Nice right? But I can’t afford it. So I snapped a photo of it for memory’s sake.


This interesting dress was made out of a map on the contours of the Himalayas.


Robot faces made from tin. Very retro!!


That’s the joker on his motorbike. Muahahahah!


Abstract looking Big Bird.

What? I like kiddy stuff?? Ok mah! Relieving my childhood!


Colourful dog sculpture!


Rush hour! Kind of reminded me of raffles place during peak hours. I like the layering of the pieces and the bold red and black colours.


I like these 4 paintings depicting famous scenes in Singapore. The paintings were made up of only vertical and horizontal lines. Dabbed to form the images. Cool right? Within my budget but too bad.. Sold by the time I got there. I particularly liked these 2.



Now this one… I really liked it a lot.


It’s a marker drawing with clean lines. The central figure pushed past all obstacles, people to emerge from within. That’s my interpretation. I stood in front of it for the longest time ever. I went off to dutifully cover the grounds and then I came back again. But I couldn’t see myself shelling out 7 grand for that. I took a photo of it and forwarded to hub “nice or not?” “7k leh”

The reply was “you siao arh?! 7k for that?! You come home now! I draw one for you!!” So story over Loh….

Still, I’m looking forward to AAF 2015!

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