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Day: December 2, 2014

Ming Ming’s Diary – Cool Little Dude

Ming Ming’s Diary – Cool Little Dude


Hey dude! Don’t I look cool? I tugged half my buttons off while Mama was getting Jie Jie ready for school.

She turned around and exclaimed, “Aiyo! Ming Ming! You look like a Sam Seng!!!”

What’s a Sam seng? It must be some singlish slang for hamsum.


Huh? I have moobs and a paunch?? I’m not some dirty old uncle. These are hidden muscles, the potential beneath, yet to be unleashed.

I’m a baby! Babies are meant to be cuddly!!! So these are my cuddles!!!


Too cute for words?? Aww..!! Ok ok. I’ll dress up. Wouldn’t want my cuddles to be pinched. It’s already bad enough that strange aunties pinch my cheeks everyday and exclaim, “so cute…!!” Can’t they just say it without pinching??


Ssshh! Let me finish reading my book first. I’m reading ahead so that I can go to school and impress the babes with my profound vocabulary. It’s important to be learned and Sam Seng (singlish for hamsum ya??) at the same time.


😭 Mama! I want to go to work with you! Pretty please!? Don’t leave me behind!!! Pulease..!! (Watery eyes)