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Ming Ming's Diary – I'm a SNAB!

Ming Ming's Diary – I'm a SNAB!

Good morning!! It’s a wonderful morning! Everyone woke up nice and cheery after the commotion yesterday!!!

Jie Jie declared that she was hungry so I gave up my pear purée (which was meant for my lunch) to her. Good brother I am!!

Look! I’m the SNAB in the house. You don’t know what’s SNAB?! Goodness gracious! Which mountain did you come from?? Shaolin??? Wu dang??? Emei???


That’s moi.


Now that all the females in the house are appeased and happy, it’s selfie time!!!

For the cover of the SNAB magazine. Look at my pensive expression, my sexy posture (off shoulder ok!) and well endowed physique (fat is IN,dude! Gosh! Some people can be so ignorant.).

I’m the boy that every girl wants to bring home to her mommy!

Ming Ming's Diary – How to Drink Water Like a Man!

Ming Ming's Diary – How to Drink Water Like a Man!

Good morning Everyone!! Have you missed me?? I couldn’t blog yesterday because my Mama was very sick yesterday.

Being a good son, I spent the whole of yesterday taking care of her and the house.


I didn’t spit food on the floor, didn’t mess up the toys, didn’t lick the furniture yesterday! That’s how well I kept the house!!


So proud of myself!!!!


Ok ok. Enough praises. Shy leh.

The topic for today is…. *drum roll*

How to drink WATER like a MAN!

Yes yes. Many of you are doing it wrongly. I see some people holding their mugs like this….


This is WINE drinking. Make no mistake about it! Please do not hold your water mugs like this!!! Especially with the lotus finger or people will mistake you for “east side no lose” 东方不败.


Or some people hold it like that. NONONONO!!

The correct way is to…


Hold your mug firmly with both your hands. So that you won’t spill any on yourself of the floor.

Then you tilt your head back and drink!!!


Then you will be able to taste how sweet water is! Especially during a drought like this!! Don’t waste water!!!


Hey! What’s that on the ceiling!?? Is it the darn mossie that feasted on me last week???

Oops sorry!!! Concentrate on your drinking Ming Ming! Bad example!!! 😡


Gulp gulp gulp


Hmmm… Is it stuck?? Shake shake shake. There’s still water in it.


Ok folks, when this happens, according to my past experiences, you need to change your drinking position….


Sitting on the floor!


See! It works every time!!!


That’s how you drink water like a man!!

Ming Ming's Diary – Celebrity Baby Chef

Ming Ming's Diary – Celebrity Baby Chef


Good morning good morning everyone! Welcome to the Celebrity Baby Chef show!

If Ming can cook, so can YOU!


Now folks, the most basic thing that you need to know… Is… To turn on the stove!

Here! Let me demonstrate!

See! I’m so good at it that I can even do it behind my back!!


And now you need to find stuff to cook!

Lalalalala! Let me check out my stock in the cupboard.


Hmmm…. *rummage rummage*

You know, an awesome cook like me can whip up gourmet food from ordinary ingredients…

Hang on… Let me see….


Wait a minute!! Who broke my tap???

Why is it hanging by its hinge??? Gosh! I need to do everything myself! You’d have thought that they would prepare everything before inviting the great Ming Ming to a cooking show?!

*roll eyes*


Ok fixed. Nothing can daunt me… Except… There’s nothing to cook!!!

C’mon! I’m a chef. Not a Harry Potter!!! I can create yummy dishes from any food stuff. But how do you expect me to cook something out of thin air?!

*waves my wand* foodalicious!!!
Hahahaha. See! It doesn’t work!!


Sigh…. I’ve to do my own grocery shopping. You can’t depend on hired help these days…..

I’ll be back!!!! Watch out for me at the next episode of ….

The Celebrity Baby Chef show – if Ming can cook, so can you!

See you next time!!!

Amped Trampoline Park – Bouncing Fun!

Amped Trampoline Park – Bouncing Fun!

I’ve been a “single mom” for the last 2 weekends. I was running out of ideas to bring the kids out to places where they can be tired out in the shortest possible time. (ko so that I can have an afternoon of peace). I was toying with the idea of going rock climbing but 小小宝贝 couldn’t take part in it as he’s too young. I vaguely remembered from Shimian’s blog that there’s a trampoline place in the east.

Easy peasey. Did a google on it and yes!!! They allow young children into the trampoline area as long as they are able to walk, under the supervision of a parent.

So Amped Trampoline Park it is! I tried to book slots online but wow! It was full on sat! This place is really popular! So I settled for Sun morning.


And there’s free parking right beneath it!! Also a kopitiam on 1st floor. But it’s hard to starve in that area. It’s surrounded by good food.


As instructed in the website we brought along socks. Socks are sold at $3 for forgetful people. I was tempted to buy a pair for myself. They are non slip socks. It’s hard to find non slip socks for preschoolers and adults.

The 2 宝贝s couldn’t wait to get started. It’s a chore to get 2 excited kids to pose beautifully. Sigh!

As soon as we went through the net, 宝贝 abandoned us and bounced around happily on her own…



The next time I spotted her, she was drowning happily in the foam pit. I was so tempted to bounce around myself. But parental duties first. I had to shadow Mr 小小宝贝 around.

Initially he was upset that he couldn’t walk properly as everyone bounced around him and he lost his balance. He figured out that the easiest way to move around was to run along the adjoining blue strips. There he went!



Then he got a little bolder and started venturing onto the black trampoline surfaces.


Finally he couldn’t resist it and started jumping on it.




There he was! Landing with finesse after a baby jump.

And surprise surprise! Guess who we met there! My brother!!


His first time there too!!

I was conked out after 40 mins of running after 小小宝贝. Meanwhile I only saw flashes of 宝贝 hopping around. She sure has good stamina.

Conclusion : instant success! 宝贝 is already asking when I’m bringing here there again. And she wants to go with Jiu Jiu who can teach her tricks as he used to be a gymnast.

Proof of result :


✌️Peace reigns! That’s why I’ve time to blog now!

We are 100% going again! Anyone wants to come along??!!

Amped Trampoline Park
369 Tanjong Katong Road, Singapore 437126
(Level 2, above the kopitiam
*Entrance is up the staircase at the back near the carpark
*Free parking at location
Tel: 8669 4894


Ming Ming's Diary – Cool Babe!

Ming Ming's Diary – Cool Babe!


Woah!! Who is that cool babe?! Oh hahahaha! It’s me!!

Silly me!

Eh!!! What do you mean I look like Stevie Wonder?!



But it is a little dark in here. *wave wave*

Turn up the lights!!

So that I can look cool in my shades and still see where I’m going!



Por Por says I’m so darn cute!! So does everyone!

So happy!!!

Double chin?! Who me???? Mega cute me with double chin??


Ming Ming's Diary – It's Gym Day!

Ming Ming's Diary – It's Gym Day!


Hiya folks!!! It’s gym day again!! 💪💪💪

A fit Ming Ming is a healthy Ming Ming. A healthy Ming Ming is Mr Sunshine Ming!!


Watch me bounce on the giant bouncing ball! *giggle* Do you believe that I can bounce all the way to the moon???? Let me show you!!


Boing Boing Boing!!!


Oopsy! This is tiring! *pant pant* all the way there and back. I’m going to try for Mars next. I’ll grab some Mars bars back for you!!


Hmm… I think it’s much faster to go on wheels then to continue bouncing on the ball.

Me drive??? No way!! I’m the boss!! Bosses sit at the back!!! *whispers* see! That’s my chauffeur.

Huh?! Nothing Papa!! I didn’t say anything! You’ve heard wrongly. *smiles at Papa beatifically*


Ah ha! Here’s my destination. Time to alight!


This is hard work!! Crawling on the balance bar!! But the thought of having a trim and fit body after the work out pushes me on!

Go Ming Ming Go!! You can do it!! Rawrrrr!!!!


Hey!! There’s a phone there!!! *looks around* yoo hoo!!!

Whose phone is that?!?! Look! I’m an honest boy!!! There’s a phone here!!!

But if no one claims it, I’m going to take it over?!?!

Hmmm… Ok quickly update my blog then put it back. Me honest honest. No take strange phones at gym.


Trying out the scooter next. Vroom!!! Wobble wobble! Careful Ming Ming!! Balance balance!!!


I guess this is still my favourite ride. It even has a bum rest. Just nice for my tight butt.

Huh? I’m riding it back to front?? Now look here buddy! I’m holding the handlebar. That’s the front!! The one behind is my butt rest!!!


And let me demonstrate how to drive it.

*push push* then you wriggle your butt against the butt rest. You get to exercise your butt as well.

There!!! Now that’s the right way to ride the bum kneader!!!

Ming Ming's Diary – Sensory Play, No Fun!

Ming Ming's Diary – Sensory Play, No Fun!


My papa is doing sensory play with me. The adults have a bee in the bonnet about this!! They make me take off my beautiful socks and walk on sand, grass, carpet (I kind of like the carpet one), bamboo sticks!!! Straw mats etc.

Mama says, “look! He’s tip toeing! He doesn’t like it!”

Of course!! C’mon! If it’s so fun, why isn’t my papa taking off his shoes and doing this sensory thingy with me!!! Look at his feet in the picture!!! He’s wearing shoes while I’m getting my handsome feet dirty!!!


And I have to crawl all over the dead brown grass (as if they were not tortured enough by the scorching heat) for this sensory thing.

Why aren’t the adults crawling on the grass??? Huh? Huh?? Huh?!


Ah see!! Another piece of evidence!! My papa wears shoes on grass while I have to crawl all over!!! Where’s justice??? Where where where????


My Jie Jie gets to play on the swing and I only get to muck around on sand and dead grass…..


Darn! She said she’s done her dues. How long more must I do this drudgery????? *grumble*


Oh wait!!! What’s this?! Good heavens!!! I’ve a BALD patch on my head???? 😭

And I’m only 1 year old!!!

How can I grow hair back??? Can anyone tell me???

Ming Ming's Diary – Earthshaking Snores 😖😖😖

Ming Ming's Diary – Earthshaking Snores 😖😖😖


My papa is snoring so loudly that the bed is shaking!!! How am I going to get any sleep??? I’m going to get dark circles under my eyes! Horrors! Eye bags too!!

I won’t look Mingalicious tomorrow!! 😩


Arghhh!!! The whole bed is shaking!!! I wonder if he’d stop if I stick my fingers up his nostrils???


Papa made me so tired with his incessant snoring that I almost overslept and missed school!!!

And I LOVE school!!

There are 101 things you can do in school!! Infinite number of toys! All the gentle and loving babes there!

They shouldn’t call it school. They should call it PARADISE!! 😍😍😍

When you were at my age, have you ever thought of what you want to be when you grow up?

Well I have!

I thought really really hard about it. It really wasn’t an easy decision.

How did I decide? Arh! That’s the secret. I tried all the headwear in school! The one that makes me look the most suave, that’s the one!!


Fire fighter?? Nah!

Postman?? Hmmm…


Cool??? You can’t see me???

My whole head is in the helmet!! It’s safer this way! It’s bullet proof!! Me thinks I look kind of cool in the police’s helmet.


There! My handsome face!! My side view. Suave law enforcer???


Part of my job. Patrolling along the corridors. To keep my school safe from the baddies.


Fall in!!! Time for physical exercise!

I’m mean! I’m tough!! *flexes muscles*

I’m a policeman! Don’t you mess with me!


I stretched and stretched and ate my toes!!!


Easy peasey. I’m in tip top condition! Fit as a fiddly policeman! 💪💪💪


Huff puff! That was a tiring session. Now to sit down and practise my painting.

Whaaat??? Mama! Where did my cute tigger romper go? You forgot to bring my apron?!

And now you are expecting me to paint in my birthday suit???

I can’t think naked! Return me my clothes!!! I’m the only naked boy in class!!!


There goes my cool law enforcer image! After all the effort I’ve put in. 😑

Ming Ming's Diary – Mama May I Have a Phone Pulease?? (2nd Attempt)

Ming Ming's Diary – Mama May I Have a Phone Pulease?? (2nd Attempt)

Yes! My first attempt failed. But I never give up!!


Jie Jie : Mama when can I buy a phone?
Mama : at the age when I got my first phone.
Jie Jie : how old??
Mama : 21
Jie Jie: waaa!!! I’m only 4!!
So long! But Mama it’s not a real phone. It’s a toy phone.
Mama : toy phone?? That’s even worse! A waste of money and no real use!!
Jie Jie: but Mama, Amanda and Clare have it. It’s a hello kitty phone! And it’s really pretty! (Tsk! wrong strategy! I told her not to mention hello kitty at all cost!! But did she listen to me?! Sigh! *face palm*)


Oh man! It’s so hard to update my blog without my own phone. Mama has been working day and night. When I wake up, she kisses me and leaves for work. Then I fall asleep for the night, when she’s home.

I never get to use her phone!! Hmmmpppff!!!

I’ve even convinced my cutie pie Jie Jie to ask Mama to buy her a phone so that I can Erm… Borrow it from her.

Mama: you have so many things that they don’t have! Why don’t you ask them to ask their Mamas to buy those for them?? I’ll give you 10 cents a day. You can buy one when you have saved up enough. (It’s going to take a million years!!)

Sigh! We should have done the Papa way. It’d have been much easier. 😕


Say! They have lots of phones in school. Do you think they would notice it if I nick one??


Hmmm… It can’t seem to fit into my pocket.


Maybe if I fold it this way….


I know!!! I can slot it inside my jacket and strap it to my tummy!!! No one will know!! Ah ha!!! 😉

I’ll just use it to update my blog then return it to school!! Borrow only!!!

Ming Ming's Diary – Back to School!

Ming Ming's Diary – Back to School!


I’ve finally got over my flu bout!! Just some phlegm left in my throat. *cough* *cough*

I didn’t take any medicine because my soldiers are fighting the bad bad virus for me. And I’ve won!! And now I’ve got my immunity badge! *achievement unlocked!*

Now I’m not scared of you anymore! *pffft*

So now I’m back in school today. Wow!! The warm welcome I received! From teachers to friends! Told ya I’m popular with the ladies. And all the teachers kissed kissed me. Fwah! Felt so loved!! 😍


Ship Ahoy!!

There I am! Standing high up on the playground, steering my ship. Cutting a dashing figure up there.


Then I dazzled everyone with my nifty dance steps.

“May I have the next dance, honey?”


Oopsy! Are you ok?

*whispers* babes are falling over to have a dance with me! Gosh! My popularity rating is shooting through the roof!!

I think I should help her like a gentleman should.


Do you see my biceps?? I can do lots of push ups! 💪💪💪


I’m well already! Really!! See! Check my tongue? That’s what doctors do.


She’s the one. Sweet right?? We have been hanging out a lot together in class. 😍