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Day: September 28, 2014

Good-bye Ah Ma!

Good-bye Ah Ma!

It’s been a week of yo-yo emotions, especially for my Mom, uncles, aunties and cousins.

My Ah Ma was sent to the hospital for a very minor procedure, to clear the blood vessels in her legs as her toes were turning gangrene. Little did we know that, the trip to the hospital was one of no return.

When we visited her one day before her procedure, she was still up and cheery. Even after her procedure, my parents visited in the afternoon and she was able to talk to them.

On that very evening, she suddenly had cardiac arrest and kidney failure. Til now, we don’t really know what happened. Then came a period of ups and downs. One moment the doctors claimed she was recovering, then the next, she was not going to make it. And finally, she left us on 23 sep. When the doctors declared that she was brain dead and it was decided that she be taken off the life support. Slowly, over a few hours, life ebbed out of her.

I hope that she had gone painlessly and peacefully. Although I’d never been as close to her as some of my cousins, who were looked after by her, were, but I was truly grateful to her. For without her, there wouldn’t have been me.

She’s led a blessed life, surrounded by loved ones and she’s given life to 4 generations of us, 39 of us.

Thank you Ah Ma and good bye!

Walking down memory lane…


Her orbituary


Oct 2013 – celebrating her last birthday with her, together with 9 months old 小小宝贝.


All of us -3rd and 4th generation


That’s us, more than 2 decades ago…


Ah ma, when she was hale and hearty.


A very youthful Ah Ma! Everyone’s young once.

We will always have you in our hearts.

Cherish your loved ones. Live in the present.