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Day: September 12, 2014

Ming Ming’s Diary – I’m a SNAB!!

Ming Ming’s Diary – I’m a SNAB!!

I’ve heard this term Snag. I think I’m a snab. Sensitive new age baby. Other babies cry and tear pages. But me? I love to read!

Not only that, I read motherhood shopping magazines. So that I can tell Mama the clothes I want to buy. There’s a new girl in class I want to impress. 😍

I eat and read at the same time. Like the adults at the cafes? Good life right?? You know, just sit there, eat, read magazines and watch people scurrying around to go to work. Shiok arh!

No, I’m not wearing a tu dou. Oh pulease! Tu dous are for girls!!! It’s a bib for goodness’ sake! And such a manly bib! Look, it’s blue ok!!! Definitely a boy bib!!

Wei!!! Why did you flip up my bib!!! I know I’m sexy! But please control yourself!

Why am I naked? I’m not!! I’m wearing a bib! Besides I like to air myself once in a while.

Should I wear this to school? Sexy huh??