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Day: August 9, 2014

Singapore – This is Home Truly!

Singapore – This is Home Truly!

9th August – This day, every year, I feel proudest to be a Singaporean. This is the day when all political parties set aside their differences and celebrate as one country.

This is the day the whole nation waves flags at the national day parade or sits glued to the television watching the live telecast. (Oh and the day you find the social media filled with proud declarations of Singaporeans!)

On this day, everyone waits for the arrival of our MM Lee Kwan Yew and cheers exuberantly as his face appears on the screen. I look forward to see him for more years to come! Yes! Call me a LKY die-hard fan for he’s truly an enigma and has worked relentlessly with his comrades til today to propel Singapore to what we are today!

9th August is the day when I look back and be thankful that

– I was born in this country where everyone, regardless of race or gender, is given an opportunity to receive education and to excel if one truly works hard.

– I can walk safely (still with vigilance) at most times of the day, free from fear of war.

– I can travel to many countries in the world easily without the need of applying for a visa.

– I can arrive at Changi Airport close to midnight and still marvel at the life, vibrancy and efficiency of a world class airport.

– when I see the homeless in developed and developing countries, Singaporeans have basic shelters over their heads.

– when friends from overseas complain about their social welfare system supporting parasites who refuse to work, simply because of the generous dole payout, to know that Singaporeans still strive to support themselves. Although I do acknowledge that more can be done to help the ones who have slipped through the holes of social aid.

So, everyday, while we bitch and complain about our jams, mrt breakdowns, expensive car and home ownership, I still look forward to the first glimpse of the Changi control tower as the plane flies towards Singapore.

This is where my family and friends are. This is home, truly.