Mama I have a BAD Headache!

Mama I have a BAD Headache!

宝贝 had a slight temperature in the afternoon so I dosed her with paracetamol before her nap.

Tossing and turning on her bed…
宝贝 : Mama, I’ve a very BAD headache!
Me : Really?! (Took her temperature with the thermometer) no. It’s only 37.0°C. No fever.
宝贝 : (giving me a very agonized look) but… I have a headache! I need the pink medicine.
Me : (looked at her suspiciously) you can’t drink that unless you have a fever.
宝贝 : It’s my favourite medicine!!! (She wailed)
Me : It’s not fruit juice ok!!! Ok ok, I’ll take your temperature later. If it goes up, I’ll wake you up to drink the medicine.
宝贝 : What time are you taking my temperature? (Looked at me hopefully)
Me : 12:00
宝贝 : so late?! 11:00 ok ok???
Me : =.=”

Did she think that I’m a 3 year old?! Her intention was so obvious!

Don’t understand why she’s so gian Peng to drink the fever medicine…. 😪

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