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Day: July 8, 2014

Sunday Morning Snapshot – Giant Snail!

Sunday Morning Snapshot – Giant Snail!

Sunday. Rain. 🌂cool weather.

Lounging at the dining area, watching the raindrops 💦 splitter splatter on the balcony, when we spotted a brown patch on the wall.


It’s huge! Check out its size in proportion to the plastic milk bottles on the bottom of the picture!!

There were lots of squealing and exclamations ⚠️⚠️. Because we are a bunch of suaku urbanites. Even though my childhood was spent catching tadpoles, grasshoppers and other-unnamable-bugs in the gardens, I haven’t seen such a huge snail. The ones I’ve seen were usually half its size or flattened ones.


Check out a close up shot of it! What a beauty!! Ok ok it’s not exactly a masterpiece shot. I was carrying a wriggling 小小宝贝 (who happens to weigh 11kg and was excitedly waving his arms and gesturing at the snail) with my left arm, and trying to snap Mr. Snail from an awkward angle so that it’s not against the light. So, ya, that’s the result of it.

One of the little things to appreciate in life. Taking time off to smell the roses and snapping snails.

Coincidentally, 宝贝 and I are in the midst of reading this book – the snail and the whale.


A fine good read by the same author who wrote the award winning “Gruffalo”. Beautifully illustrated with a simple yet thought provoking storyline and wonderful rhyming words. How a whale brought a little snail on an adventure around the world and how that tiny spelling snail eventually saved the life of the huge whale.

Moral of the story : Spelling is important. Every creature counts, even small little ones.