Ming Ming’s Diary – The Early Bird Catches the Phone!

Ming Ming’s Diary – The Early Bird Catches the Phone!

The early bird catches the worm. Some people (who try so hard to be funny, unlike me. I’m a naturally funny baby) will say “that’s provided you are not the worm.”

Anyway I’m very sure that I’m the extremely cute early bird. Everyone else is still zz in the house. The whole house is mine!! Mine!!! Muahahah! And guess what I’ve found!!!


A Samsung phone!!! It even has my picture on it!! It’s meant to be mine. Most have been a belated birthday present (ppssst! My birthday is on 4 jan. I accept presents for my next birthday. ☺️)

Now I don’t have to borrow Mama’s phone to update my blog. I’ve my own phone now.


This blog updating is serious matter. *press press*

Hang on! Why am I in pink?? Mama why did you dress me in pink?? I told all my girlfriends in school about my blog URL. Now they are all going to see me in pink! Omg!!! How am I going to Kao girls from now on?? *face palm*

Nnnooooooo!!!! Take it off!!!


Hmmpphh! I’m not Mr Pink!!

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