Ming Ming’s Diary – My Maiden Blog Post

Ming Ming’s Diary – My Maiden Blog Post


Hi! My name is Ming Ming and this is my maiden blog post. 😳

To introduce myself, I’m posting my first selfie in my best suit (complete with a tie). Ta da!


Hey! I heard that! What do you mean by “he’s just a baby!”


But I can’t post very often because… *looks to left and right* pssttt… Let me tell you a secret…

Cross your heart and promise you won’t tell anyone…

I’m secretly using my Mama’s phone to write my blog. So I’ve to do it really stealthily! Because I’m on a tv/iPhone/iPad/computer ban right now.

It’s so hard to gain access to her phone. I’ve to type really quickly and put her phone back so that she doesn’t find out!


Mama brought me to school this morning. I learnt how to ride a duckie. It’s an absolute must to learn that. You think it’s cool to drive a Lamboghini?! Nah! That’s so gen y! Passé!! This is how I pick up chicks! On my trusty duckie!

I rode too fast for the photo. Giddy up Duckie!!


Oh man! It’s all physical at school today! So tiring! But a man’s got to do what a man’s got to do! I climbed and climbed up all the stairs. Literally climb ok!!! On my fours!


Pant pant! I’ve reached the top. I swear I’m fit enough to climb Mt Everest with all this training!


Wa ha!! It’s a really long way to fall! Hold on tight, Ming Ming!! Shaky knees there! For a while I thought I had acrophobia. Luckily I don’t. Or else the Singapore mountaineering team would lose a future talented climber like me!! How many people can climb Mt Everest on all fours??

Ahh! Cool view! Things DO look different from the top!


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