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Month: July 2014

Mama I have a BAD Headache!

Mama I have a BAD Headache!

宝贝 had a slight temperature in the afternoon so I dosed her with paracetamol before her nap.

Tossing and turning on her bed…
宝贝 : Mama, I’ve a very BAD headache!
Me : Really?! (Took her temperature with the thermometer) no. It’s only 37.0°C. No fever.
宝贝 : (giving me a very agonized look) but… I have a headache! I need the pink medicine.
Me : (looked at her suspiciously) you can’t drink that unless you have a fever.
宝贝 : It’s my favourite medicine!!! (She wailed)
Me : It’s not fruit juice ok!!! Ok ok, I’ll take your temperature later. If it goes up, I’ll wake you up to drink the medicine.
宝贝 : What time are you taking my temperature? (Looked at me hopefully)
Me : 12:00
宝贝 : so late?! 11:00 ok ok???
Me : =.=”

Did she think that I’m a 3 year old?! Her intention was so obvious!

Don’t understand why she’s so gian Peng to drink the fever medicine…. 😪

Sunday Morning Snapshot – Giant Snail!

Sunday Morning Snapshot – Giant Snail!

Sunday. Rain. 🌂cool weather.

Lounging at the dining area, watching the raindrops 💦 splitter splatter on the balcony, when we spotted a brown patch on the wall.


It’s huge! Check out its size in proportion to the plastic milk bottles on the bottom of the picture!!

There were lots of squealing and exclamations ⚠️⚠️. Because we are a bunch of suaku urbanites. Even though my childhood was spent catching tadpoles, grasshoppers and other-unnamable-bugs in the gardens, I haven’t seen such a huge snail. The ones I’ve seen were usually half its size or flattened ones.


Check out a close up shot of it! What a beauty!! Ok ok it’s not exactly a masterpiece shot. I was carrying a wriggling 小小宝贝 (who happens to weigh 11kg and was excitedly waving his arms and gesturing at the snail) with my left arm, and trying to snap Mr. Snail from an awkward angle so that it’s not against the light. So, ya, that’s the result of it.

One of the little things to appreciate in life. Taking time off to smell the roses and snapping snails.

Coincidentally, 宝贝 and I are in the midst of reading this book – the snail and the whale.


A fine good read by the same author who wrote the award winning “Gruffalo”. Beautifully illustrated with a simple yet thought provoking storyline and wonderful rhyming words. How a whale brought a little snail on an adventure around the world and how that tiny spelling snail eventually saved the life of the huge whale.

Moral of the story : Spelling is important. Every creature counts, even small little ones.

Dyshidrotic Eczema

Dyshidrotic Eczema

It all started with a few tiny blisters on my palms and my soles. Just mildly irritating but nothing more than that. I started getting worried when more appeared.

The last time I had this, it was HFMD (hand foot mouth disease). But… none of my children was down with it this time. And I had neither fever nor sore throat (well, I did lose my voice and it’s still hoarse because I overused my voice box. Over 10 hours of continuous usage with little chances of water drinking. I need to give myself a gag order!! 😷) This time I couldn’t have been so suay or “cannot make it” to get it when no child in the household had it, right?! *rolls eyes*

I googled (no one uses the word “search” anymore. Google has pulverized the usage of search. Even 宝贝 says,”Mama if you don’t know anything, just google loh!!” 😅) on the symptoms – red rash, impossibly itchy, blisters on palms and feet soles. The search results turned up with hfmd but only if it’s accompanied with fever and sore throat. Or else it’s dyshidrotic eczema.

Gosh! How I hate this word eczema. It’s been plaguing me (because 宝贝 has it) for years and years. It’s probably due to something I ate. But I’ve been eating all kinds of food everyday so it’s kind of hard to pinpoint it.

I have this once every few years. The last time I had it was probably 5-6 years ago. So rightly, I should be very thankful that it’s so occasional.



I just have to endure the itch and pinprick pains when the little blisters combine. The dastardly things don’t itch in the day, but torment me at night!!! I can now totally empathize with 宝贝 now when she scratches her arms. It’s unbearable for me, as an adult and I’ve pretty high tolerance for pain and itch.

It’s been more than a week. Some of the early blisters have dried up yet new ones have been appearing. They have started to spread to the back of my hand.


It appears to be healing though. I pop the occasional antihistamine when it gets unbearable and I’ve hijacked 宝贝’s supply of anti itch sprays and creams.

Once all the blisters have dried up, the skin will flake and peel off.

So looking forward to that day.

I promise I’ll henceforth, stop giving 宝贝 the frown and impatient look, tsk at her, “ooi! Stop scratching leh!!” On the bright side, maybe I got it so that I can live through for a few weeks of what she’s gone through for years.

She gently takes my hand and strokes it. “Mama if it’s itchy, tell me ok?” Then smiles empathetically with her Bambi eyes. In that very moment, I’m the most fortunate mother on earth and yet I’m so humbled. She will make a better Mom than I am in future. That’s my darling girl…

Ming Ming’s Diary – Singapore Roll!

Ming Ming’s Diary – Singapore Roll!

I woke up nice and bright this morning!! Mr Sun was up late though. This Mr Sun is getting lazy, making Mr Moon work overtime. Tsk tsk. But it’s ok, when Ming Ming is up, everyone gets up too.

📢📢📢 Wakey Wakey everyone! Rise and “shine”!!

Eh eh! Mama! Wake up! *nudge nudge* Papa!!! 起来!


Hmmppffrr!! I’m being ignored!!! 😡😡😡 *Papa’s snores*

No one ignores Ming Ming!! This calls for drastic measures!! 😈

So I rolled..

On Mama! Mama shouted “what the heck?!” Hee hee! Then I rolled…

And rolled…

On Papa. I was rewarded with a “ooh!!”

And yes! Everyone has woken up. Morning call folks!! ✌️


What?? Too early?? Only 5am? Oh ok! Everyone please go back to bed again.

Ming Ming’s Diary – The Early Bird Catches the Phone!

Ming Ming’s Diary – The Early Bird Catches the Phone!

The early bird catches the worm. Some people (who try so hard to be funny, unlike me. I’m a naturally funny baby) will say “that’s provided you are not the worm.”

Anyway I’m very sure that I’m the extremely cute early bird. Everyone else is still zz in the house. The whole house is mine!! Mine!!! Muahahah! And guess what I’ve found!!!


A Samsung phone!!! It even has my picture on it!! It’s meant to be mine. Most have been a belated birthday present (ppssst! My birthday is on 4 jan. I accept presents for my next birthday. ☺️)

Now I don’t have to borrow Mama’s phone to update my blog. I’ve my own phone now.


This blog updating is serious matter. *press press*

Hang on! Why am I in pink?? Mama why did you dress me in pink?? I told all my girlfriends in school about my blog URL. Now they are all going to see me in pink! Omg!!! How am I going to Kao girls from now on?? *face palm*

Nnnooooooo!!!! Take it off!!!


Hmmpphh! I’m not Mr Pink!!

Ming Ming’s Diary – It’s a Wonderful Day!

Ming Ming’s Diary – It’s a Wonderful Day!

GOOD MORNING EVERYONE! Rise and shine!!! 📢📢📢

First things first! What do Singaporeans like to do?? Complain?? No lar. We like to take food instagrams!! Do I have an Instagram account? Of course not! I’m already busy enough sneaking updates for my Blog. I’ll be a dead baby if my Mama finds out that I’ve an Instagram account as well!!

So as a true blue Singaporean baby, here’s my first food photo of the day!! Ta da! My breakfast!!!


What’s this? Can’t you tell??? My Papa will be so hurt. It’s rock melon (lovingly blended by Papa) cereal. *nom Nom nom*

You don’t understand why when food arrives, we shout,”don’t eat!! Take photo first!!”?

Orh! You are not a Singaporean then.

Yippy! I’ve international readers! Look! Food is an important part of our lives.!!!


I’m a goner!! Someone’s whispered to me that my Mama has found out about my blog!!! I need to hide! I need a plan!! I need HELP!!!

Who?! Who has told her about it?!

Goodbye sweet world!! 😩


*gulp* maybe this would help. *Shimmering tearing eyes with repentant look*

My Jie Jie does this all the time. She has large eyes with thick eyelashes. I think they drew the puss in boots image based on her photo. Papa always forgives her when she does that. Erm… Not sure if it works for Mama though.

✌️I promise I’ll be a good boy. Nooo!! You stupid fingers!! Not the victory sign!!! 3 fingers!!! The promise sign!!! I’m so going to be dead meat!!!

This calls for desperate measures. My Plan B!! My “I love Mom” romper and my best smile!!!


Mama I so so so so LOVE you!! 😘😘😘


Ah ha!!! See!! Women of all ages simply can’t resist my charms.

Mama says that I can write my blog as long as it doesn’t affect her phone usage and no swearing online. Sheesh! Who does she think I am? Al cappuccino??


Ming Ming’s Diary – My Maiden Blog Post

Ming Ming’s Diary – My Maiden Blog Post


Hi! My name is Ming Ming and this is my maiden blog post. 😳

To introduce myself, I’m posting my first selfie in my best suit (complete with a tie). Ta da!


Hey! I heard that! What do you mean by “he’s just a baby!”


But I can’t post very often because… *looks to left and right* pssttt… Let me tell you a secret…

Cross your heart and promise you won’t tell anyone…

I’m secretly using my Mama’s phone to write my blog. So I’ve to do it really stealthily! Because I’m on a tv/iPhone/iPad/computer ban right now.

It’s so hard to gain access to her phone. I’ve to type really quickly and put her phone back so that she doesn’t find out!


Mama brought me to school this morning. I learnt how to ride a duckie. It’s an absolute must to learn that. You think it’s cool to drive a Lamboghini?! Nah! That’s so gen y! Passé!! This is how I pick up chicks! On my trusty duckie!

I rode too fast for the photo. Giddy up Duckie!!


Oh man! It’s all physical at school today! So tiring! But a man’s got to do what a man’s got to do! I climbed and climbed up all the stairs. Literally climb ok!!! On my fours!


Pant pant! I’ve reached the top. I swear I’m fit enough to climb Mt Everest with all this training!


Wa ha!! It’s a really long way to fall! Hold on tight, Ming Ming!! Shaky knees there! For a while I thought I had acrophobia. Luckily I don’t. Or else the Singapore mountaineering team would lose a future talented climber like me!! How many people can climb Mt Everest on all fours??

Ahh! Cool view! Things DO look different from the top!