Sheepish Addiction…

Sheepish Addiction…

Ok ok. It’s a lame pun. But it’s exactly how I feel!

It all started one fine evening. I had to go to our neighbour’s place to drag 宝贝 home for a bath. I found the 2 of them hunched over an iPad mini (sigh… Despite my best efforts to keep her away from gadgets. Oh well… I guess it’s ok once in a while.)

Me : Eh!! It’s time to go home!!
宝贝 : wait! I’m trying to finish a game with Barry!
Me : (alarm bells ringing in my head at the mention of game) what game? Is it some violent game?!
Barry : it’s a sheep game! She even beat me a few times! (Gah! Must have been the dota sessions I played every day while I was pregnant with her!)

They showed me the game. I allowed her to play one last game in my presence before we went home for her bath.


It’s called Bump Sheep.

And then, because it looked really interesting, I downloaded it. And now I’m hooked… That was since Thurs….

Now I’ve to play it secretly in the toilet so that she doesn’t know I’m addicted to it.


My best score so far…

Anyway it’s a very simple game. It’s like the military game I played some time back. You deploy troops in 5 different rows to push back your enemy’s troops. Except they are really cute sheep. You have the little Mary-have-a-lamb smallest sheep to the impressive bloodlust giant stags.

And they have cool win-lose poker cards at the end of the game.

Enough said… Back to my game…

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