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Day: June 18, 2014

Some More Joy is…

Some More Joy is…

I kind of like my “joy is…” post, so here’s more of it… I’m writing this as I’m watching him turn into a cute new sleeping position in the dark. It’s these little things that make my day.

Joy is watching him sleep with his mouth open like a goldfish. Utterly adorable.

Joy is coming home to find one of them still awake (usually it’s 宝贝 because of her later bedtime), her eyes lighted up in delight and screaming, “Mama!!!!” as I plod up the stairs.

Joy is reading a bedtime story with her and having both of us role play the characters (usually animals… Get the drift??) in the silliest fashion.

Joy is watching him wake himself up from the sound of his own fart. *guffaws*

Joy is listening to my Mom narrating how he pranced around the house in his new hat (I brought it back from Florida for him), then instructing her to carry him to the mirror so that he could preen before it and smile at his own reflection. My vain boy!

There! Enough joy to keep me smiling in my sleep til tomorrow! 😬😬😬