There’s No End to Work..

There’s No End to Work..

I know I work too much in a day when
1. I get slapped with the peak hour erp for arriving at the office at 9am.
2. The first time I check my Facebook is at 8pm.
3. I get a headache from a whole day of talking. Boy! For people who know me, it means A LOT of talking.
4. No message from me on all group chats on whatsapp for the whole day.
5. I haven’t logged in to a single game for the whole day. Huh? What’s candy crush?? Can eat wan or not??
6. When I come home, my babies are knocked out already!! 😩



I have to take photos of them in the dark and touch up the photos so that their faces are visible.

I have promised my 宝贝 to bring her to the library this week. And yet, my schedule is jam packed with work from practically 9am til 9pm. That’s when I decide to cancel my meeting slots on Friday after 3pm so that my PA won’t fill them up with meetings.

I’m going to the library on Friday afternoon. Work can wait. My daughter’s childhood can’t.

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