My Last Big 3 Birthday!

My Last Big 3 Birthday!

This marks the last big 3 I’d ever be. Moving into a new decade next year. When I was young, year 2000 was a huge thing! And now it’s already 2014!

And anyone aged >30 years old = old. Darn! That makes me older than old! Anyway 40 is the new (Erm…) 30?? I was going by 40 is the new 20, but everyone thinks that I’m pushing it, so I’m settling for 30.

I’ve had quite a few birthday celebrations. Thanks buddies!!! Yesterday’s was probably the finale (already week long celebration).

I was moping around because he didn’t mention anything about it. So sian. I told him I’m going to Mia on HIS birthday! Hmpf! *fold arms*

So he said,”ok lah! Pick you up at 630! Secret place!” Right… I was contemplating wearing tshirt and shorts….

So 630 came. I sulkily went up the car and then… Ta da!


Surprise!! Must give it some airtime for I’ve not received a bouquet for the looooongest time ever!!!


Another shot! Must milk it for its worth!

“So where are we going?”
“Hilton lar”
“Hilton?? Iggy’s?!?!”

Wow! Iggy’s is a place that I’ve always heard of but have never been there. The last time we went to a posh place was to au Jardin!!! And that was dunno how long ago!!!


Iggy’s!!! 😍😍😍


Must give the person who’s footing the bill some “FaceTime” too.

The ambience was fabulous! Service of course “one level sart! 一级棒!” (That means very good! Not the kind that you wave like crazy but people look through you like you are Ms Invisible).



The menus we took.

And next… Yes next… Don’t blink!! It’s food art!!


Oyster pudding!! It’s super fresh oysters in chawanmushi kind of pudding. He’s not an oyster person so I gobbled it up!


Sea urchin on angel hair pasta with green peas. This is the 3rd time in my life that I’m eating sea urchin. Yums!


Scallop that’s just nicely cooked! So tender and it melts in your mouth. The bubbly white stuff is onion sauce. Then there’s caviar on cream cheese (I think…).


Tuna belly on a bed of veggies, drizzled with Yuzu sauce. It’s melt-in-your-mouth tuna! *drool*


Sea bream on spinach sauce. We missed out the crabmeat appetizer photo because my phone was out of storage and I forgot to take the photo again. 😩


Truffle covered pork belly on white asparagus. My dieting starts next month!!


Seafood risotto. Risotto infused with seafood taste and shellfishes!


Seafood pasta. It’s yummy but I can’t identify it on the menu though… If they give extra food, then just eat lar… Right??


Wagyu beef!! The most highly marbled beef in the world!! It’s soft and tender!! He agreed that it’s delicious but argued that he preferred the “dua gong gong” (big piece) kind at Morton’s. Sigh…


Hungarian pork! Nice! But of course, my Japanese beef beats it hooves down!!!


Dessert!!! Some sorbet with earl grey jelly. The combination rocks!!!


His dessert… Some passion fruit thingy in brands essence lookalike jar. Can’t find it on the menu. Substandard he declared!


With a cheapo substandard straw. Lol. I think it’s a filler dish because we can’t find it on the menu. My menu has 3 more dishes than his. So I suspect, they whipped up filler dishes because it won’t look too nice when I get served and he gets nothing. So it’s a bonus dish = Mai Hiam lar! (Don’t complain about it!)


One of the nicest desserts I’ve tried. Champagne sorbet! With crispy puff, berries, fruit jelly sheets. Visually appealing and palate pampering!!


My birthday cake! I’m 1 year old!! Fat hope!! I made my (many) wish and he said,”why is your wish taking so long?! Must be making a lot of wishes!! Greedy leh you!” Shucks! I got caught!!


The melting chocolate cake was yummy! But I was too stuffed to finish it!!


My mysterious birthday egg…

Hmmm…I don’t make a very good food blogger. Not enough gastronomically appealing vocabulary…

But you get the idea! Iggy’s is AWESOME!!!

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  1. Wah! Living the life eh! How much was the bill? Maybe I go bring the missus there the next time I do something wrong…

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