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SQ Business Class!

SQ Business Class!

This is the 2nd time in my life that I’m taking business class and my first time on sq biz. So this merits a post!

My virgin business class experience on Air France was more than a decade ago. Well, the seat was wider (slightly) than the economy’s and my meal was served in order (not the everything at one time tray) and I had my first taste of foie gras!

But, the SQ business class is WOW! 3 of me can sit on the one seat. There’s a legrest.


Legs too short… Have legrest also no use. 😅 the seat can recline totally when the plane is in the air. My short legs can then rest fully on the legrest.

Welcome drink!


Champagne! Cheers! Actually mine is a prop. I’m nursing a cold so I’m just posing with my colleague’s drink. 😁

This is what the seat looks like when it’s fully transformed into a flat bed.


The head area.


The feet area, where my short legs hardly reach. Compared to the squashed up seat in the economy class, this is heaven. Even for a petite person like me, I find the economy seat really cramped. And believe me, I’ve tried 101 sleeping positions and none works. I pity the passengers who are much bigger sized than I am.

The generous number of USB ports and socket for the charging of all my gadgets and pump. These are the little things that don’t look important but I totally appreciate their presence.

The next perk – service. The sq crew has impeccable service. They remember each and every one of our names and respond immediately to the call button.

And of course, sq is famous for the food.


The first booklet I pick up once I strap myself in. I’m such a glutton.



Now for the real thing…. Ta da!




Part of my breakfast.


I don’t understand why anyone would order cup noodles on sq flights when they have yummy beef noodles. But ya, I’ve been eating non stop since I stepped into the plane, despite my flu and blocked nose. I’m probably going to put on 5kg by the time I step off the plane. 😱

The seat offers so much privacy that I could do my milk pumping in peace. I can’t imagine doing it in economy class, seating beside a stranger. Eeewww! And that’s while I was feasting my eyes on yummy Leonardo Di Caprio on the huge led, totally clear screen.


Time to catch up on my sleep so that I can kill the flu bug! Night night!

Patience, My Dear, Patience!

Patience, My Dear, Patience!

Me : Hurry up! Why are you taking so long to buckle your seat belt?!

宝贝 : (fumbling with her seat belt) Mama! Can you be more patient?? (In her most adult tone) (gives a loud sigh and shook her head reproachfully at me).

Huh?! Me?! Macham like I’m the impatient kid. Pfft!

The Act of Belittling Others

The Act of Belittling Others

The good thing about my job is I get to lim kopi with many people at various parts of the day. Bad for dieting though. And of course, I get to hear gossips about people whom I may or may not know. This is an afterthought from one of the kopi sessions.

I’ve come across many people, who belittle others through words or behavior. I’m hardly affected usually because I, erm, am too thick skinned lar. 😳 you want to say me then say me lor, unless you are someone who matters or else it’s just water rolling off my ducky back.

Now, I just wonder, what’s the mentality of someone who makes comments like, “this is so simple, why don’t you understand?!”, followed by the are-you-stupid look? When she’s teaching a class of adults.

A few possibilities:
1. These adults are really slow adults… Which they are not.
2. They are too used to our education of spoon feeding.
3. The teacher can’t teach properly. (Nobody in class understood her at all.)

But no matter what, I believe that, even if the teacher is teaching little children, this shouldn’t even be spoken in the classroom. Granted that it’s simple, but the duty of the teacher is to teach. Or else why be called a teacher??? Ok ok. Lame joke.

Why, even little people have pride. Anyway, at the end of the day, what has this teacher done?
1. She certainly hasn’t succeeded in imparting knowledge.
2. She managed to make everyone feel small and inadequate.
3. She has managed to induce fear in her students that they don’t even dare to voice out their fears and need for help.
4. She’s only alienating her students from herself.

I always believe that people’s behavior reflects their true inner selves. She looks like a very successful person on the surface but truly inside her, she probably has a very low self esteem that has to be boosted up through belittling and humiliating others. It’s a wonder that she’s been teaching (or trying to teach) for 8 years and yet she feels that her students (ex students) are an ungrateful lot. Maybe it’s time to look within herself and examine her own behavior. For the reactions of others is a mirror of one’s actions.

There’s No End to Work..

There’s No End to Work..

I know I work too much in a day when
1. I get slapped with the peak hour erp for arriving at the office at 9am.
2. The first time I check my Facebook is at 8pm.
3. I get a headache from a whole day of talking. Boy! For people who know me, it means A LOT of talking.
4. No message from me on all group chats on whatsapp for the whole day.
5. I haven’t logged in to a single game for the whole day. Huh? What’s candy crush?? Can eat wan or not??
6. When I come home, my babies are knocked out already!! 😩



I have to take photos of them in the dark and touch up the photos so that their faces are visible.

I have promised my 宝贝 to bring her to the library this week. And yet, my schedule is jam packed with work from practically 9am til 9pm. That’s when I decide to cancel my meeting slots on Friday after 3pm so that my PA won’t fill them up with meetings.

I’m going to the library on Friday afternoon. Work can wait. My daughter’s childhood can’t.

My Last Big 3 Birthday!

My Last Big 3 Birthday!

This marks the last big 3 I’d ever be. Moving into a new decade next year. When I was young, year 2000 was a huge thing! And now it’s already 2014!

And anyone aged >30 years old = old. Darn! That makes me older than old! Anyway 40 is the new (Erm…) 30?? I was going by 40 is the new 20, but everyone thinks that I’m pushing it, so I’m settling for 30.

I’ve had quite a few birthday celebrations. Thanks buddies!!! Yesterday’s was probably the finale (already week long celebration).

I was moping around because he didn’t mention anything about it. So sian. I told him I’m going to Mia on HIS birthday! Hmpf! *fold arms*

So he said,”ok lah! Pick you up at 630! Secret place!” Right… I was contemplating wearing tshirt and shorts….

So 630 came. I sulkily went up the car and then… Ta da!


Surprise!! Must give it some airtime for I’ve not received a bouquet for the looooongest time ever!!!


Another shot! Must milk it for its worth!

“So where are we going?”
“Hilton lar”
“Hilton?? Iggy’s?!?!”

Wow! Iggy’s is a place that I’ve always heard of but have never been there. The last time we went to a posh place was to au Jardin!!! And that was dunno how long ago!!!


Iggy’s!!! 😍😍😍


Must give the person who’s footing the bill some “FaceTime” too.

The ambience was fabulous! Service of course “one level sart! 一级棒!” (That means very good! Not the kind that you wave like crazy but people look through you like you are Ms Invisible).



The menus we took.

And next… Yes next… Don’t blink!! It’s food art!!


Oyster pudding!! It’s super fresh oysters in chawanmushi kind of pudding. He’s not an oyster person so I gobbled it up!


Sea urchin on angel hair pasta with green peas. This is the 3rd time in my life that I’m eating sea urchin. Yums!


Scallop that’s just nicely cooked! So tender and it melts in your mouth. The bubbly white stuff is onion sauce. Then there’s caviar on cream cheese (I think…).


Tuna belly on a bed of veggies, drizzled with Yuzu sauce. It’s melt-in-your-mouth tuna! *drool*


Sea bream on spinach sauce. We missed out the crabmeat appetizer photo because my phone was out of storage and I forgot to take the photo again. 😩


Truffle covered pork belly on white asparagus. My dieting starts next month!!


Seafood risotto. Risotto infused with seafood taste and shellfishes!


Seafood pasta. It’s yummy but I can’t identify it on the menu though… If they give extra food, then just eat lar… Right??


Wagyu beef!! The most highly marbled beef in the world!! It’s soft and tender!! He agreed that it’s delicious but argued that he preferred the “dua gong gong” (big piece) kind at Morton’s. Sigh…


Hungarian pork! Nice! But of course, my Japanese beef beats it hooves down!!!


Dessert!!! Some sorbet with earl grey jelly. The combination rocks!!!


His dessert… Some passion fruit thingy in brands essence lookalike jar. Can’t find it on the menu. Substandard he declared!


With a cheapo substandard straw. Lol. I think it’s a filler dish because we can’t find it on the menu. My menu has 3 more dishes than his. So I suspect, they whipped up filler dishes because it won’t look too nice when I get served and he gets nothing. So it’s a bonus dish = Mai Hiam lar! (Don’t complain about it!)


One of the nicest desserts I’ve tried. Champagne sorbet! With crispy puff, berries, fruit jelly sheets. Visually appealing and palate pampering!!


My birthday cake! I’m 1 year old!! Fat hope!! I made my (many) wish and he said,”why is your wish taking so long?! Must be making a lot of wishes!! Greedy leh you!” Shucks! I got caught!!


The melting chocolate cake was yummy! But I was too stuffed to finish it!!


My mysterious birthday egg…

Hmmm…I don’t make a very good food blogger. Not enough gastronomically appealing vocabulary…

But you get the idea! Iggy’s is AWESOME!!!

When I Grow Up, I Want to be a ….

When I Grow Up, I Want to be a ….

I have been up to my nose with work. I figured that I needed to get myself an assistant if I wanted my children to still greet me as “MaMa” and not “Auntie” when I got home.

But I couldn’t really afford a very expensive one, so we were interviewing really young people, fresh out from school.

One of them wanted to take it on as a temp job as he’s enlisting in NS in August. He asked me,”why did you switch to sales when you have an engineering degree?” I said, “why not?? It’s incredibly fun!”

“So what do you want to do next time?”

“I want to be a consultant.”

“Consultant? Why?”

“Because a consultant solves problems for big organisations. I feel good solving people’s problem.” He beamed.

Wow oh wow!

Doesn’t that sound kind of familiar??

I still remember, in my final year at the university, big and prestigious MNCs sent their HR teams and past graduates to conduct career talks, to woo the brightest and best of the cohort.

We were very impressed with the consulting companies. They were huge American MNCs, they only took in the ones with the top grades. They would give you a wardrobe allowance so that you could dress yourself up and not throw their faces (aka disgrace them) in front of the clients. Oh they forgot to mention that it came with a bond.

My senior joined the company a year ago and came back to do the career talk. “It is a fantastic career!!” And all the naive us believed him. What’s he to say??? He wasn’t supposed to smear dirt on the company who sent him back to promote it? Na ah! No career limiting move must be executed.

“We solved all the problems for the clients.” He forgot to mention that solving problems meant clearing the choked up toilet of all the shit. Well, figuratively.

“We are paid handsomely!” He glossed over the details such as the insane number of hours they had to put in that if you divide the pay by the number of hours, it didn’t make mathematical sense anymore.

And so all of us… Aspired to be…. Consultants…

After the interview, I told Mr Meepok, “waa! Another consultant wannabe! Reminds me so much of myself when I was just fresh out of school!! So idealistic!!! Maybe I should enlighten him that consultant = toilet cleaner (clear shit mah)??”

“Why you want to break a young person’s dreams?? You are old and jaded lar! So sad! No more innocence left!”

Innocence cannot eat wan lar. Only kana makaned by others! Sigh? Where has the fresh-out-of-school-starry-eyed me gone to??

Inspiration Comes and Goes

Inspiration Comes and Goes

Writing spree here. I’ve always had lots of inspiration on what to write during the most inopportune time, like when I’m driving.

And then I’ll be busy with work and children and everything. By the time, I’ve time to write, I’d probably be dead tired and just want to read a book to chill.

So my new year resolution (yes, again!!! Haha) is to write it down in draft, even bits of it, whenever I can. Something like taking notes. Arh! Looks like a very promising start, like the rest of my half finished projects. 😅

Miss Black Tongue

Miss Black Tongue

She’s been complaining about her tummy ache for the past 2 days. But she’s able to eat normally (she finished an adult’s portion of unagi don). 😪

We took her seriously when she gave up half of her yummi yoghurt. That’s her favourite.

Fed her a charcoal pill. She chewed through it (ewwww!) because she hasn’t learnt how to swallow pills yet.

Super proud of her black tongue. Even stuck it out to admire it for a few minutes, in front of the bathroom mirror before brushing it all away.


In the Pursuit of Love

In the Pursuit of Love

Recently I had dinner with a friend who will be leaving Singapore in a few days to join her boyfriend in Uk.

“Would you take a shot at this chance for happiness or give it up and stay in Singapore for your parents?” She posed this question to me.

Some background on this. She went on a trip to UK to squat in the hotel room of her friend who was there on a business trip. While she was there, an acquaintance who lived there met up with her and brought her around. During these short few days, she fell deeply in love with him.

Gosh! This felt like a scene from one of the romance novels which I read when I was a teenager (no time for them now… Too busy reading parenting books…)

I received a message from her while she was there, declaring her love for a mere acquaintance. I was incredulous. For I can never foresee such a thing happening to me.

And now she’s giving up everything here to join him in UK.

“I can’t imagine such a thing happening to me so I can’t answer your question!”

“Bah! You are such a bore!”


“I told my parents that I’m going there to work.”

“Oh pulease… Why would they believe it?! So easy to find work there?? Why don’t you just tell them the truth??”

“They can’t handle the truth. They’d think I’m abandoning them. ”

“But you are!” (That’s me. Miss smart mouth. Saying there before I gave it a deeper thought. But hey! Why be hypocritical about it? Call a spade a spade!”

She sulked. “It’s my one shot at happiness. Wouldn’t you do that??”

After that, I thought about it long and hard. Would I? Now, definitely not. 20 years back? I doubt so either.

My world used to be just black and white. Now it’s filled shades of grey.

There’s no right or wrong. It all boils down to choices. You choose either your love or your parents. In this case she chose love. And ultimately I’m sure if she’s happy so would her parents. Every parent would want happiness for her child.

But, being a mother now, I can’t imagine this happening to my daughter. If my daughter tells me that she’s going to live with a man she knows for only a week, I would be worried sick. What the heck! Sell you away also no help will come!! And not to mention being heartbroken. That I would mean so little with all my love compared to someone she’s only known for days.

But as children, we always tend to be self centred and take our parents for granted. It’s only when I’ve become a mother myself that I can appreciate my parents’ unconditional love.

As for my friend, I give her my blessings and truly hope that this love that she’s sacrificed so much for will come to fruition.