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Day: April 5, 2014

LG – Where’s Your Sense of Social Responsibilty?

LG – Where’s Your Sense of Social Responsibilty?



Check this out. Would you freak out if this appeared in your refrigerator?

I did. My LG refrigerator showed an error message on the display. I called up the LG service center and gave them the error code. They advised me to switch off the refrigerator, let it de froze for 4 hours and clean it.

Fine. Being an obedient customer, I did it. While cleaning it, to my horror, I found a burnt hole, 10cm long in the freezer compartment, near the bottom part of the wall. Something obviously caught fire and burnt the plastic wall! I could even see the blackened metal parts behind it!!!

I was so lucky!!! It could have caught fire and burnt the house down!! Worse, burn the house and all of us in it while we sleep!!!

So I called up the LG customer service and alerted them to this problem.

Their reply : since my warranty was over, I’ll need to pay for a technician to go down and investigate.

My point is : I’m going to buy a new refrigerator. (It gives me the shivers that it may catch fire even after it’s repaired assuming that it can be repaired.) so why should I fork out extra money for them to investigate this matter??

This is obviously a product fault. Even if the warranty is over does it mean the fridge can be allowed to start a fire?? They should at least send someone down to investigate, in case there’s a severe problem with this particular model of refrigerator. I mean I’m lucky. But someone else who’s using the same model may not be as lucky as I am!!

LG where’s your social responsibility???

They didn’t even ask me to email them the photo. They just brushed me off as a complaint call. Because to them, it’s my fridge, my problem. In fact the customer service officer even consulted various departments, including his superiors to arrive at the same conclusion – if I don’t pay for the technician to come and investigate, it’s not their problem.

Imagine how many of such cases have been swept under the carpet?! Fwah!!

I fear for your consumers! Perhaps there’s been calls on my fridge model and I wasn’t alerted because LG refused to investigate.

This is the last time I’m going to buy LG products because I’m not going to introduce time bombs of fire hazard to my home where my loved ones are.

I’m totally disappointed with LG’s lack of social responsibility.

If you are using refrigerator model GR-B208BVQ, good luck to you!

If you are using other LG product, all the best to you!