Lopsided Giraffe

Lopsided Giraffe

After I bought one of these PlayMais sponge handicraft thingy for one of her friends’ birthday present, she’s been bugging us for one practically everyday.

My parents caved in and bought her one for Christmas. We finally “open sesame” the box last weekend to start work on it.

It’s a very good craft for preschoolers, except for the exorbitant price.

Here’s what it looks like. They have it in various themes. Hers is a safari one, complete with boards and props for the final assembly. (If we ever get there… )


It’s filled with colourful foams. You cut them up into shapes according to the instruction booklet. And stick them together with water. Easy peasy!!



Here’s 宝贝 trying to assemble her giraffe.


The giraffe’s head and neck. The instruction booklet is in the background.


The final product – a lopsided mutant giraffe. Fully produced by 宝贝, with minimal help from us. Not the handsomest giraffe but at least it’s standing on its 4 wobbly legs.

It took her the entire morning for this. No mean feat.

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    1. Hi beautifulmess30! I don’t really know who you are because your name is not stated. But yes, she still sticks her tongue out when she’s in full concentration. Haha.

        1. Wow!!! This is really coincidental! Considering that the Internet is huge!

          We hope to enroll her back to the art class when she’s older. 🙂

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