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Day: January 21, 2014

A Gash in the Neck

A Gash in the Neck

It’s our family curse. I’ve hyperthyroid but it’s been under control for a decade. My brother has very serious thyroid disorder. He’s the unlucky chap.

His thyroid gland was so strong that the iodine treatment was unable to bring it under control. Thus he opted for surgery…

Here are the horror photos!



Here’s the close up. When I saw it, I just imagined if the gash had been on my neck, I couldn’t help feeling an imaginary pain there. It still has knotted thread ends on both sides. The tubes to drain the blood out of the wound are still attached through the 2 ends.

My skin simply crawls at the thought of foreign body in the body. Eeks!


One of the containers to collect the blood from the wound.

Hope the wound heals soon or he’s going to be Mr Frankenstein. My heart simply goes out to him. He’s such a Mr. Nice Guy and yet so unlucky.

Get well soon little brother! 🙏🙏🙏