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Day: January 20, 2014

The Rolling Stone

The Rolling Stone

My baby is growing up. What a “morning call” he gave me this morning. 😥

I was all bleary eyed this morning. So utterly tired from yesterday. I vaguely heard an “arh arh” from 小小宝贝 signaling that he’s up and WE were supposed to get up and play with him. I was simply too tired to move.

Suddenly I felt a heavy weight (all 9.5kg of him) wham into my ribs! I think I swore. Oops!! 😷

小小宝贝 slammed himself into me, he’s probably given up using his voice to wake us up and not getting any response so he decided to be more pro active.

Then he rolled and rolled over to hub and I heard an “ooh” from beside me. Oh well! At least the “joy” was being shared.

So yes… He’s succeeded. He rolled and rolled some more in elation. Managed to catch him on photo…

Where did he learn how to roll like that?? Future gymnast in the making??


Nudging me…





He rolled and rolled and rolled around.


His smug look as he surveyed all the damage he caused. The little rascal!