Beading for a Friend

Beading for a Friend

Her beading interest started last year. I assembled a beading kit for her Christmas present. But we only do it for special occasions because she takes an awfully long time to complete one.

She’s come a long way from the day she started her first beading project. She’s learnt patterns in school this year and she’s been putting it to practice in her beading. I will still measure out the thread for her.

She plans her own patterns and colours without any prompting from me. She lays them nicely in a row before patiently threading them together.

Her birthday present for her friend. She spent the whole Sunday morning fashioning this. Matching bracelet and necklace. Good enough to sell… Haha… Evil mom thinking of ways to make her daughter pay for her own expenses. Maybe she can make enough to fund her own tertiery education??? Taking orders! :p


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