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Day: November 11, 2013

怪叔叔 (weird uncle)

怪叔叔 (weird uncle)

Yesterday evening…

宝贝:Daddy can you come home earlier tomorrow night?

Hub: Ok. I’ll try.

宝贝 :(she thought for a while) can you come home at 11 o’clock? (She usually sleeps at 8).

Hub : Erm. Ok. (Turned to me and whispered) I thought she said early. She used to tell me to come home at 6. Why did she say 11 o’clock this time?

Me : Well she is not an idiot. It shows how low her expectations of you has dropped to. And you never get home by 6 anyway. All the disappointments she suffered every day. (I gave a dramatic sigh.)

I swore he looked a trifle guilty.

Me : (giving him a final punch) the next thing you know, she’ll point to you in surprise and say, “Who is this 怪叔叔 (weird uncle)??”

Hub : ok ok! I’ll come home earlier.

Today… She’s already asleep. Still not home yet!! Fine! The scare tactic didn’t work at all. *mutter* I must start getting her to call him 怪叔叔 tomorrow.