Char Bee Hoon (Liaoful, Bee Hoon Less)

Char Bee Hoon (Liaoful, Bee Hoon Less)

I did my first Char Been Hoon (fried vermicelli) yesterday. Looks like I’ve been over zealous with the liao. You can still see a few strands of bee Hoon if you squint hard enough at the picture.


As usual, my char bee Hoon (Liao-ful bee Hoon-less) was atypical. I just had to make do with the ingredients I could come up with when I raided my refrigerator. And I had to also take into consideration 宝贝’s seafood allergy. So no shrimps (I love them! Ok lar… Reduced contribution to bad cholesterol), any form of seafood and oyster sauce.

My refrigerator rummaging yielded half a white cabbage, some minced meat shiitake mushroom mixture, roast pork, eggs, soup stock.

Next – idiot proof steps for the uninitiated like me.

Soak the dried vermicelli in water for 30 minutes. Prepare your ingredients. It takes about 30 mins to do all these…. If only someone buys me a James Oliver food processor… On top of my already numerous kitchen gadgets. Hehe.

The roast pork went into the air fryer for 15 mins at 200°C. I love Sio ba with crispy skin. I beat up the eggs and fried them. Then… Chop everything up, including the roast pork.

Fry some garlic and shallots until they are slightly brown. Add the softened vermicelli (without the water… Mind you). Add the condiments eg light soya sauce, oyster sauce, salt, pepper, wine etc to taste. I only added a little soya sauce and wine. Stir fry the vermicelli until they are evenly coated with your sauces. I added my soup stock and simmered the vermicelli and the chopped cabbage in it until the cabbage was softened and the soup was absorbed by the vermicelli and cabbage. Throw in every thing else. Mix well. It’s time to serve the food.

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