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Month: November 2013

Blog Discrimination!!

Blog Discrimination!!

Some of my friends link my blog to theirs on the sidebars.

Recently I’ve discovered a strange phenomenon. For Blogger supported blogs, if the linked blog is supported by Blogger too, the link to the latest post gets updated within hours.

Mine is hosted on WordPress. Blogger only updates the link to my latest blog once a week!!!

*tsk tsk*

Just saying….

Bao on the Head!

Bao on the Head!

It was lunchtime. I was trying to mix all the ingredients in the claypot when I turned around…. In time to see my 小小宝贝 hurtle head down from the high chair. He hit his head on the cement floor with a loud thud and food flew everywhere from his full mouth.

I screamed so loudly that the cooks ran out from the restaurant kitchen. He was inert when I picked him up. Then he bawled his lungs out. My first thought was,”damn!! Head concussion!!!” It didn’t help that there was a huge swelling on his forehead. It freaked me out. And he refused to stop crying.

The waiter literally ran to me when I requested for an ice bag. I wrapped it in one of his spare romper and applied it to his head.

Checked for other injuries. None. It was only the huge egg on his head.

His face didn’t turn pale or blue. Checked. No liquid or blood from his ears or nose. Checked. Eyes looked normal to me. Checked. No vomiting. Checked. Whatever I could check, I did.

He finally stopped crying after a long while and fell asleep. That was the longest 30 mins of my life….

Everyone was not in the mood for lunch. I spooned some rice into my mouth. Ok. Enough for me to survive til dinner.

Packed everyone home. Bathed him. Got him to nap.

He woke up. Co ordinated crawling and body movements. Checked. Able to pick up his blocks and bash them on the mat. Checked. Behaved like normal. Checked. Laughed at his sister’s antics. Checked.

A small sigh of relief. Possibility of concussion has diminished. Observation for the next 24 hours.


The swelling has gone down a lot at the point when the photo was taken.


A close up of his bua luku.

24 hours was over. Thank goodness.

Next time I’m going to chain him to the chair. All eyes on him, in case he does a “David Copperfield” on us and wriggles out of captivity.

It was one of the longest day in my life!!

Online resource for head injuries.

Sunday Morning Snapshot – Puzzle Time

Sunday Morning Snapshot – Puzzle Time

We found an old box of puzzle. 54 pieces. 宝贝’s been pretty pro at assembling the 20 pcs jigsaw puzzles. I’ve been meaning to buy more complicated ones when I’ve the time. So, as you may have guessed, time is never enough. This box was from Auntie Evelyn.

宝贝 assembled it all by herself. That means I’ve to go and find an even more “chim” one for her…


From sitting upright, posing with the floor puzzle to….




She claimed she’s all tired out from the intensive puzzle assembling. 😅 sigh…. Strawberry generation. 🍓

Just Pretend I’m NOT here!

Just Pretend I’m NOT here!

630am Either the mechanical alarm clock starts its incessant ringing or the human alarm clock bounces into the room and announces in her bright and chirpy voice, “Wake up! It’s time to WAKE UP!!!”

Today it’s the former.

The Hub : Eh! Wake up leh! Have to get her ready for school.

Me : *nudged the baby towards his daddy* (he happily crawled over) I’m very tired. Your son kept disturbing me last night. I want to sleeeeep….

The Hub : How am I going to manage with 2 kids?? Must get her ready for school and feed both of them!!!

Me : How do you think I handled both of them in the morning when you were on your business trip to India?! Just do what I did! If I can do it, so can you!!!!

The Hub : ah…

Me : go go! Just imagine I’m not here. Ok ok! Now I’m on a business trip to India. You don’t see me at all!! (Covered my head with the blanket)

He carried the cooing baby to the next room.


For 5 miserable minutes…..

A loud wail was heard from 宝贝’s room. No… I’m not going over. I’m in India, remember??

It grew louder…..

Wa Lau! What the heck is going on?! World War 3?!? Liddat how to sleep?!??

I rolled over and got out of bed.

Simi dai ji?!?! Ok ok! I am back from India Liao!!!! What’s wrong?!?!

What’s the world going to be like without Mothers around?! *grumble*

怪叔叔 (weird uncle)

怪叔叔 (weird uncle)

Yesterday evening…

宝贝:Daddy can you come home earlier tomorrow night?

Hub: Ok. I’ll try.

宝贝 :(she thought for a while) can you come home at 11 o’clock? (She usually sleeps at 8).

Hub : Erm. Ok. (Turned to me and whispered) I thought she said early. She used to tell me to come home at 6. Why did she say 11 o’clock this time?

Me : Well she is not an idiot. It shows how low her expectations of you has dropped to. And you never get home by 6 anyway. All the disappointments she suffered every day. (I gave a dramatic sigh.)

I swore he looked a trifle guilty.

Me : (giving him a final punch) the next thing you know, she’ll point to you in surprise and say, “Who is this 怪叔叔 (weird uncle)??”

Hub : ok ok! I’ll come home earlier.

Today… She’s already asleep. Still not home yet!! Fine! The scare tactic didn’t work at all. *mutter* I must start getting her to call him 怪叔叔 tomorrow.


Sunday Morning Snapshot – Calligraphy

Sunday Morning Snapshot – Calligraphy

We woke up to a cool Sunday morning. Dashed was our morning swimming plan. Alternatively, 宝贝 practised her calligraphy. Looked more like drawing to me though.


A very serious calligrapher she was.


My mom has been practising with her on this word for a long time. Can you make out what it is? Her surname – 梁. A lot of room for improvement.


She’s better with her ABCs.

Next year she’s supposed to be able to write her full Chinese name. She’ll need lots of practice. Thanks to her sadistic parents.

Char Bee Hoon (Liaoful, Bee Hoon Less)

Char Bee Hoon (Liaoful, Bee Hoon Less)

I did my first Char Been Hoon (fried vermicelli) yesterday. Looks like I’ve been over zealous with the liao. You can still see a few strands of bee Hoon if you squint hard enough at the picture.


As usual, my char bee Hoon (Liao-ful bee Hoon-less) was atypical. I just had to make do with the ingredients I could come up with when I raided my refrigerator. And I had to also take into consideration 宝贝’s seafood allergy. So no shrimps (I love them! Ok lar… Reduced contribution to bad cholesterol), any form of seafood and oyster sauce.

My refrigerator rummaging yielded half a white cabbage, some minced meat shiitake mushroom mixture, roast pork, eggs, soup stock.

Next – idiot proof steps for the uninitiated like me.

Soak the dried vermicelli in water for 30 minutes. Prepare your ingredients. It takes about 30 mins to do all these…. If only someone buys me a James Oliver food processor… On top of my already numerous kitchen gadgets. Hehe.

The roast pork went into the air fryer for 15 mins at 200°C. I love Sio ba with crispy skin. I beat up the eggs and fried them. Then… Chop everything up, including the roast pork.

Fry some garlic and shallots until they are slightly brown. Add the softened vermicelli (without the water… Mind you). Add the condiments eg light soya sauce, oyster sauce, salt, pepper, wine etc to taste. I only added a little soya sauce and wine. Stir fry the vermicelli until they are evenly coated with your sauces. I added my soup stock and simmered the vermicelli and the chopped cabbage in it until the cabbage was softened and the soup was absorbed by the vermicelli and cabbage. Throw in every thing else. Mix well. It’s time to serve the food.