I have received many letters of resignations, heck, I have even sent out termination letters.  But none has stirred such mixed feelings like the one that I have just received today. I had known that it would come eventually, for a long while ago actually.  But when it finally appeared, despite being prepared for it, it had the aura of finality.

In my line of work (sales), people come and go, we have got used to the high turnover rate.  But what made this person so special, was because I have been studying, playing, working with him practically almost all my life.  He was the 2nd person I recruited into the organisation after I was promoted to the rank of a manager.  He was someone I had highly depended upon during the course of work.  When I had no one to eat lunch with, he was my lunch companion.  He’s someone who was always around whenever help was needed.

Morale has been low since the restructuring and the departure of some influential bosses.  Some people put it behind and moved on.  Some don’t.  The organisation evolved. Not good, not bad, just very very different.

I’m going to be lonely once he’s gone.  Work will be all the more… work, now.  But life goes on.

Still, I’m very happy for him that he has finally found the courage to step out and pursue life outside this place.  It’s no mean feat, having been here for the last 9 years, to step out of his comfort zone.  I hope that he will be able to pursue his dreams and passion henceforth.

No more lunch kaki anymore, no more soundboard to bitch to, but at least he will be a happier person out there.

Sail forth, my friend, show the world what you can do!!!

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