Korean Craze – 宝贝

Korean Craze – 宝贝

The first time she did this, I attempted to correct her.

“No no! 1 plus 1 is 2! What the heck is kiyomi?! 2 plus 2 is 4!!”

“Noooo… (In a distressed wail) it’s KIYOMI!!”

“What kind of word is that?!”

“Mama it’s CUTE!!!”


After some consultation with younger friends on whatsapp, I realised that it’s another one of those Korean pop craze thingy. That reminds me of the last time she came home from school galloping like a pony and called her brother “sexy baby”. 😪

For a little girl with no contact with the tv and smart phones, she’s surprisingly well informed….

For the clueless parents like me, I’ve done a google and compiled a gwiyomi (or kiyomi) survival kit. So that you don’t attempt to tell your child that she shouldn’t be sucking her fingers when she chants 6 plus 6.

Gwiyomi wiki for the studious parents.

For the visual parents, check out the following image. Do practise a few times before you perform it with your child.


If you want to bond with your child over smart phone and “buddy” with them, there’s a message version of it.


Check out my 宝贝’s version. 😘

Move over “kawaii”! Here comes “kiyomi!!

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