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Day: July 8, 2013

Food Diary Day 19 – Sweet Pea Purée

Food Diary Day 19 – Sweet Pea Purée

This is the first store bought purée (well, minus the Heinz apple one which was unintentional) for 小小宝贝.

We had prepared sweet pea purée for 宝贝 a few years back. After our first attempt, we vowed not to do it again. It simply wasn’t worth the hassle.

In case, you are interested in the preparation procedure…
Buy a bag of frozen green peas from any supermarket.
Steam them for 10 mins.
Blend them.
Press the purée against a sieve to get rid of the hard skin.

It was the last step that “killed” us.

After sieving one big serving of green pea (the sieving took at least 15 minutes), we ended up with just 1/3 of it. Pathetic. After all that hard work….

So, while I shun off the shelf purée, the Healthy Times sweet pea purée is good enough for me.


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