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Day: June 27, 2013

Honesty is a Virtue

Honesty is a Virtue

Just before the music lesson ended, the teacher reminded the whole class,”Next week we will be having a term break. So remember not to come for class, ok?!”

A little voice piped up,”Hahaha! Yes! My Daddy always forgets! So many times!”

To the hub’s horror, the voice came from the 宝贝, who was sitting beside him.

Honesty should be rewarded. I allowed her to eat an extra biscuit – her favourite.

Aftermath of Spinach Purée Consumption – Explosion!

Aftermath of Spinach Purée Consumption – Explosion!

I knew it was going to be green. Angry hulky green… I waited and waited. Nothing happened yesterday. He’s decided to keep it in for the day.

This morning it was explosively green!! It practically exploded out of his diaper. Luckily his pajamas contained the effects or it would have been unimaginable. Think hulk!

The result was a great big pile of green ooze plus green powder everywhere. Guess there simply wasn’t enough liquid poo to stick everything together. I did contemplate taking a photo of it. But poo was everywhere. Didn’t want risk dirtying the phone.

Hope you are not reading this while having your breakfast.

Have a green day!