My Little Budding Artist

My Little Budding Artist

Whilst it is pleasant to see the masterpieces she churns out in art class under instructions (like where to draw a square, triangle etc so that they finally look like a giraffe), I love to see the ones she draws from her own imagination.


A fine drawing, using Pointillism. Well fat dots then… As big as her fingers. Hehe. On the top right corner dangles a purplish pink spider, complete with a smiley face. She’s quite adapt with smileys now. On the left is a massive, sticky spider web. “That’s the spider’s home where he catches his food.” Hmm… Not bad, she has been paying attention in school.


I was working on my computer in the study room while she occupied herself with drawing. When I turned my chair around, she was concentrating on adding the fine details, to the drawing on the bottom corner of my white board. It was pretty amusing to see her look of concentration.

There were so much details that I thought I should record it before I forget what they were…


This is a …. Ta da..!!! Laundry basket!!


A laundry line to hang clothes. The story seems quite congruent so far.


Her little brother. I don’t understand what he’s doing there… Maybe she wants to make him do her laundry in future….


That’s a bed.


I kind of thought that it looks like the Sydney Opera House. But it’s not. Apparently none of her friends has been to Sydney yet. She knows about the Eiffel Tower though. The picture shows…. Pieces of clothing!!!!

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