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Day: June 16, 2013



Hub : In a few years’ time I’ll get a Facebook account!

Me : Why “in a few years” and not “now”?! I thought you said social media is a waste of time and is bo Liao?! (He’s one of the extremely few persons I know who doesn’t have a Facebook account and he’s in the IT line! Heck! Even my dad who’s a retiree is my friend on fb!!)

Hub : Well, kids are so techy nowadays. When 宝贝 gets a Facebook account, I want to be her first friend. *beams*

Huh?! The mountains and seas couldn’t move him to register for a fb account. No wonder there’s a Chinese saying, “Daughters were their Daddies’ lovers in their previous lives!”

Hmm… That means my friend who has 3 daughters must have been quite a Casanova in his previous life. :p

Happy Father’s Day!

P.S. Darn! That means I can’t complain about him on Facebook anymore!!!! Never mind. There’s still twitter!!


Sunday Morning Snapshot – Turtle Flip

Sunday Morning Snapshot – Turtle Flip

It’s Sunday again. Why are the snapshots always of 小小宝贝? Because we are always home alone while Daddy brings sis to her morning classes. Our pastime is photo taking!

I didn’t really mark the milestones of 宝贝’s development. I should have kept better track of all her firsts… First steps, first crawl, first flip etc.

At 5 months 1 week, 小小宝贝 can now flip himself onto his tummy and back again. I foresee good days ahead… When we don’t need to rescue him every 5 minutes when he accidentally flips himself over and can’t flip back. When he shouts for rescue, the whole neighborhood hears him… Yes… His diaphragm is amazingly strong.

小小宝贝 in the most unglam position. In the process of a flip! See! iPhone can be used to take motion photos!!!