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Month: June 2013

Food Diary Day 11 – Home Made Purée Vs Off the Shelf Purée

Food Diary Day 11 – Home Made Purée Vs Off the Shelf Purée

We left home in a hurry and we forgot to bring along the apple purée that Papa had painstakingly prepared for 小小宝贝. We bought a Heinz apple purée off the shelf of cold storage.

After 2 spoonfuls, 小小宝贝 clamped his little mouth up and refused to eat more.

I’ve sampled the store bought purée before. It tasted sweeter, denser in texture and not as fresh. Maybe it’s all in the mind, but the discerning baby could tell the difference. He’s been spoiled by home cooked food.

宝贝 helped us finish up the entire bottle. “Yummy!” She declared.

小小宝贝 had the home made one for dinner. He finished the entire cube and whined for more….

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Food Diary Day 10 – Steamed Apple Purée

Food Diary Day 10 – Steamed Apple Purée

Finally the fruit purée ic has time to get to work. It’s steamed apple purée! Think – the yummy steaming apple in apple crumble! Naturally sweet and smooth.

Cut the apples into pieces and steam them for 15 minutes. Blend them. Simple riiiggghhhttt?

And so, 小小宝贝 had a whale of a time eating his apple purée. He downed 6 teaspoons of it. I didn’t get back in time to snap his photo. 🙁 I could only rely on the testimonial given by the proud daddy.

宝贝 got to eat apple yoghurt today. She hadn’t had it for the longest time ever. She even licked her bowl clean. =.=” yup it was THAT yummy.


*Rows of purée. Apple, spinach then pumpkin.

Soon he will get to eat a wider variety of purée. A great start to an exciting adventure!

Meanwhile I’ve thought of loads of stuff to make with apple purée. 🙂

Food Diary Summary…

Honesty is a Virtue

Honesty is a Virtue

Just before the music lesson ended, the teacher reminded the whole class,”Next week we will be having a term break. So remember not to come for class, ok?!”

A little voice piped up,”Hahaha! Yes! My Daddy always forgets! So many times!”

To the hub’s horror, the voice came from the 宝贝, who was sitting beside him.

Honesty should be rewarded. I allowed her to eat an extra biscuit – her favourite.

Aftermath of Spinach Purée Consumption – Explosion!

Aftermath of Spinach Purée Consumption – Explosion!

I knew it was going to be green. Angry hulky green… I waited and waited. Nothing happened yesterday. He’s decided to keep it in for the day.

This morning it was explosively green!! It practically exploded out of his diaper. Luckily his pajamas contained the effects or it would have been unimaginable. Think hulk!

The result was a great big pile of green ooze plus green powder everywhere. Guess there simply wasn’t enough liquid poo to stick everything together. I did contemplate taking a photo of it. But poo was everywhere. Didn’t want risk dirtying the phone.

Hope you are not reading this while having your breakfast.

Have a green day!

Food Diary Day 7 – Spinach Purée

Food Diary Day 7 – Spinach Purée

Spinach holds the highest iron content among the low allergenic food. So naturally it was the next food sample for 小小宝贝.


*A row of yummy spinach purée in baby cubes.

I used the Chinese spinach which tasted less bitter. Blanche it in boiling water for 1 minute then blend it. I fed him 5 teaspoons freshly made and froze the rest for the next few days.

The texture was different from that of the pumpkin purée so he pushed the initial few spoonfuls around his mouth with his little a while before swallowing them.

A baby’s sense of taste is like a piece of blank paper. Every kind of food is a different experience for him. I like to think that 宝贝 eats almost everything (including vegetables) from no seasoning to seasoning was because we started her on the right foot by letting her taste all the different foods in their most natural states. And we are careful to make sure that her every meal consists of meat, vegetables and fruits. We occasionally slip up when we dine out, though….

So 小小宝贝 finished 5 teaspoons of spinach purée. Quite a fair bit for a first timer. Hopefully it’ll bring some pink to his cheeks and I won’t have to administer iron supplement. I prefer natural food than artificial vitamins. I’m old school…

I stopped his pumpkin purée after 3 days. I made the mistake of feeding 宝贝 with the “orange” foods like pumpkin, carrot, sweet potato for consecutive days that she turned orange! No kidding!

Luckily she reverted back to normal after I stopped feeding her with the orange food. Phew!

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My Little Budding Artist

My Little Budding Artist

Whilst it is pleasant to see the masterpieces she churns out in art class under instructions (like where to draw a square, triangle etc so that they finally look like a giraffe), I love to see the ones she draws from her own imagination.


A fine drawing, using Pointillism. Well fat dots then… As big as her fingers. Hehe. On the top right corner dangles a purplish pink spider, complete with a smiley face. She’s quite adapt with smileys now. On the left is a massive, sticky spider web. “That’s the spider’s home where he catches his food.” Hmm… Not bad, she has been paying attention in school.


I was working on my computer in the study room while she occupied herself with drawing. When I turned my chair around, she was concentrating on adding the fine details, to the drawing on the bottom corner of my white board. It was pretty amusing to see her look of concentration.

There were so much details that I thought I should record it before I forget what they were…


This is a …. Ta da..!!! Laundry basket!!


A laundry line to hang clothes. The story seems quite congruent so far.


Her little brother. I don’t understand what he’s doing there… Maybe she wants to make him do her laundry in future….


That’s a bed.


I kind of thought that it looks like the Sydney Opera House. But it’s not. Apparently none of her friends has been to Sydney yet. She knows about the Eiffel Tower though. The picture shows…. Pieces of clothing!!!!

Hand in Hand

Hand in Hand


Hand in hand, sibling bonding. A peaceful sight.

Before long… The mind starts to wander…

Hmmm… Jie jie’s fingers… Sausages…. Fingers… Sausages….

I wonder what they taste like…. Wonder wonder….

Why bother with wondering?? I’m a man of ACTION! *pops them into my mouth to savour….*


Extremely loud shriek from Jie Jie “Di Di is eating my fingers!!!”

Food Diary Day 4 – Pumpkin Purée

Food Diary Day 4 – Pumpkin Purée

It’s the first day of a new taste. I wanted to serve some spinach to 小小宝贝 to “up” his iron intake, only to find that there’s no spinach in the refrigerator. It must have been cooked, eaten and fermenting somewhere in the sewers.

Since my Dad specially bought organic Japanese pumpkin for his precious, I might as well use that. One small little slice cost more than $2!!

I chopped it up into small chunks and steamed them for 15 minutes. I added some water and blended the chunks into smooth orange purée. I tried some myself – yummy and sweet.


I started off with 2 teaspoons of pumpkin purée, in case he didn’t take to the taste. He threw a tantrum after he finished it…. He went on to have 6 teaspoons in all…

I froze 3 more portions in baby cubes so that he could have them for the next few days.


宝贝 insisted that it’s her favourite (which was really strange… I made chicken chop in pumpkin sauce for her, she declared that she hated pumpkin but still finished it to the last bit.) so she ate up the rest….


A good sleep after his pumpkin lunch.

Breakfast – 3 teaspoons of brown rice cereal
Lunch – 6 teaspoons of pumpkin purée =.=”
Dinner – 3 teaspoons of brown rice cereal

Milk feeds as usual… He sure can eat…

Food Diary Summary…