The Sweetest Kind of Dilemma

The Sweetest Kind of Dilemma


There he is. Cradled in my arm, snuggled against me, catching his 40 winks.

Should I put him down in the cot and risk him waking up then start the whole tedious sleeping procedure again or just let him be. Continue blogging with one hand.

Dilemma dilemma. I can just hear voices in my head (jialat arh! I’m starting to hear voices in my head…).

Voice A : Better put him down in his cot arh. You spoil him like that, next time you forever carry him to sleep meh??

Voice B : But what if he wakes up?? Going through the process. Very Siong you know!!

Voice A : if you put him down you can pump your milk. Your milk supply is so low. How to go back to work like that?? Every time you pump out 70 ml he drinks 90 ml. Like that sure *gg! (Gg stands for good game. Internet gaming jargon. That means game over. )

Voice B : But but he’s sleeping so sweetly.

(The culprit was making cute mewing sounds in his dream. Awwww…)

Voice A : but what but?! You still have loads of emails to reply and clients to call!

Voice B : He’s only a baby once in his life. He will grow too big to fit in this sleeping position very soon. I wouldn’t be able to cradle him like that anymore. See his long eyelashes?? So cute!!!

Voice A : if you get shoulder cramps and whatever arm cramps, don’t come and complain to me arh!

Voice B thinks to itself, “so grouchy early in the morning.”

(Win lor! Now my voice in my head has another voice in its head. This can go on and on…)

Meanwhile inertia has set in.

Voice B : ok ok. I’ll put him down in at 11am.

(We started the debate at 10am. It’s now 1030am).

Voice A : then he will want to drink and then sleep and here we go again….

That’s how I spend my morning. Cradling my baby and talking to myself. Hah!

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