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Month: March 2013

Candy Crushing!

Candy Crushing!

Candy crushing has taken over the iPhone and Facebook communities by storm. For the uninitiated, it’s a matching game like bejeweled but more fun and addictive as it has incorporated more variety.

There was just a handful of us on the map when i started, now it seems like the whole world is on the map. Ok lar. A bit of exaggeration.

It took me a loooong while to get here. But here I am!!! Completion!! For now! Until they add new levels. So I must blog about this achievement while it lasts. Now I can add it into my résumé. 🙂 Logical thinking, tenacity, perseverance, management of addiction.


Management of addiction is perhaps the biggest achievement in this game. It is darn addictive. It’s been frequently reported in the news on the staggering amount that people actually spent on the game. Someone actually spent $4000! And he’s a child. That’s not even including the massive number of people who have spent slightly less than that.

Me arh? $0 lor. I’m the giam gana. Can’t bear to spend money on games. (Excluding diablo 3 :p)

We were just discussing about this and Boonk said he knew of people who paid to get full sets of lives ($1.28 only. Can’t even buy a bowl of Fishball noodles with that) instead of begging their friends to send them lives. Or it takes just $1 to get 5 extra steps at the end of the game. So tempting when you see the last irritating jelly sitting there, beckoning you and you’ve run out of moves. Argh!!

Not only that, newspapers have reported that this evil candy crushing has drastically reduced productivity at work. Hmmm… Freakonomics writers should examine if the last economic recession was brought about by bejeweled or angry birds??

For me, yes, the temptation was indeed great. To keep going at it, to keep going up at levels, to stay ahead of my friends. This evil evil game. But yet I’ve a real life out there. Children to take care of, work to be done, a life to be led. Well, you just need to learn how to manage it. So is the game evil or it’s just weaklings we are?? I can only applaud the game creators for creating this game that is so well balanced, not too difficult to discourage and not too simple to bore the players. They are brilliant.

The rest is, well, up to ourselves. I’ve read Facebook posts of people who have proudly declared that they have deleted the game to stop themselves from playing it. Is this an achievement? I hardly think so.

I attended a course. The speaker mentioned that many people are afraid to walk around town with huge wads of cash, fearing that they would drop the money. If you can’t even take care of a few hundred bucks in your pocket, how are you going to manage your wealth?

It’s the same theory. If you can’t even stop yourself from bringing up the app every time you switch on your phone, how are you going to manage your life?

Candy crush is like a marathon. Sometimes you start off early, you get overtaken by others, and vice versa. You get to the end but it’s not the end, because they will be adding more levels to the cash cow.

Wa! So much theory about candy crush arh??

At the end of the day, it’s hell of a fun game!!! Just don’t let it take over your life.

Sleep Laughing Baby

Sleep Laughing Baby

I’m waiting for my little time bomb to wake up anytime for his milk feed before I can ko.

He just laughed in his sleep!! I wonder what can make a little baby who is 3 months old laugh in his sleep?

Do babies start dreaming at such a young age? Milk, perhaps. =.=”

Anyway it’s ultimate sweetness to see him smile and laugh. Just can’t resist documenting this. It’s a pity that it’s too dark and unpredictable to take a photo of it.

But, yes, another little joy in life after a tiring day. No wonder we celebrate Mother’s Day!!!! Motherly duties for life…. Still can’t believe that I’ve signed up for life duties. Haiz…

Chess Play

Chess Play

Ever since we introduced Uno to 宝贝 during the Gold Coast Trip, she’s been playing it regularly. We started playing it with her so that she could learn colour and number matching. However, she’s far exceeded our expectations by trouncing us regularly with her draw 2, reverse, skip, draw 4 cards. Believe me, when she dealt the special cards, she actually did it with a relish and evil laugh.

I decided to introduce her to the world of chess. I wanted to start off with checkers, but I wasn’t unable to dig it out of our disorganized boxes (many were unpacked since we moved in…. 1.5 years back…).

While browsing in a bookshop, I came across a set of animal chess, which cost a very affordable $3.90. Huh?! Now still have such cheap games arh! Mai tu Liao! Buy lor!!

She was on her best behavior that day. So I rewarded her with a present – the animal chess set.


It was easy enough to match the pieces to the pictures on the mat. What wasn’t so simple was to explain the rules to a 3 year old!

1. The ranking of the animals by size. The bigger one can “eat” the ones that are smaller than it. The only exception is the mouse – it can kill the mighty elephant (by climbing into its truck n tickle it to death :p).

2. The pieces can only move one step at a time, to the adjacent square.

3. The Mouse is the only piece that has the ability to move into the water areas.

4. The Lion and Tiger pieces can leap across the banks of the river, unless the Mouse is in the river, in the line of the leap.

5. If a piece ends up in the opponent’s trap, no matter how large it is, even the smallest piece can gobble it up.

6. The game ends when you move your piece into the opponent’s den.

6 simple rules. But oh so difficult to get it across to her. I decided to just play and teach along the way. I ate up so many of her pieces that she started looking like this.


So I sacrificed some pieces to retain her interest in the game. She won in the end. Although she wasn’t able to remember all the rules, but at least she’s remembered the ranking of the animals and she was very tickled that the mouse could eat up the huge elephant. She liked having her mouse swim in the river too.

Not too bad for the 1st time. There’s still a chance that she may turn out to become an expert animal chess player. We fell off our seats when she defeated us in UNO, even when we didn’t intentionally lose to her.

But for now, she remains as an animal chess noob. I must eat up her pieces while I still can. :p

Goldilocks and the 3 Bears

Goldilocks and the 3 Bears

Singapore Repertory Theatre (SRT) has been a personal favourite theatrical group of mine. I’ve watched quite a few of the plays put up or brought in by them. Their children’s plays are particularly enjoyable and of pretty high standard. Although I like the ones brought in by Act 3 and Alliance Français but the inaccessibility of the car parks deters me from attending their plays.

During this term, 宝贝’s school did fairy tales with them. Goldilocks and the 3 bears was one of them. How timely! I bought the tickets way before I knew the theme for this semester. The price of the tickets was reasonable. I’m a pretty cheapskate mom. I wouldn’t pay too much for children’s plays. There were some that I was interested in, during the ACE festival. Alas… The pricey tickets. So, no go lor.


The set was beautifully done with movable wooden tree frames and pull out beds and all. In the cozy, colourful country style that I like! And of course, the actors and actresses were first rate.

Throughout the whole show, 宝贝 was upset that the bears were going for a walk and Goldilocks would come and eat up baby bear’s porridge. Not to have breakfast is like the end of the world for her. And when Goldilocks’ father couldn’t find her in the woods, her lower lip was quivering when she said in a shaky voice, “Why hasn’t her papa found her?” I was quite amused by her. Bad mama! Laughing at her daughter’s misery. She was genuinely distressed though. Maybe she was putting herself in the shoes of Baby Bear (to have to go without breakfast) and Goldilocks (getting lost in the woods).

The only grouse I had was that SRT blocked out the entire middle section of the stall seats for school groups. Only the first 3 rows and last 3 rows were opened to the public for booking. And yet, there were plenty of empty seats. Best seats! What a horrid waste!!

Anyway, I would highly recommend Goldilocks and the 3 Bears if you have children. Even as an adult, I found it pretty enjoyable.

Hungry Babies

Hungry Babies

She brought a whole armload of her bears downstairs.

“Ooh! My babies are hungry!!!” She pulled up her pink little t-shirt, exposing her chest and charming little chubby tummy, while her mommy looked at her, agog. She grabbed the first bear and pushed its furry face over her chest. Shouldn’t she be bottle feeding the bears, just like all the other little girls???

“Erm…. Are you feeding your babies??”

Her mommy almost fell over, laughing. But she just had to keep a straight face because the little mommy looked so serious.

“Yes. They are hungry. They were crying!! Didn’t you hear them?”

Hmmm… Her mommy must get her hearing checked for she heard nothing.


The pensive mommy feeding her baby.


The mommy scratching her back while feeding.


The mommy posing for her breast feeding glamour shot.

She gently set the bear down and repeated it with the next one, and the one after and finally all of them.

“Wow! Your babies drink really fast. Are they full?” Observed her mommy.

“Yes. All full. They are fast, not like your baby. So slow!”

She gave me a proud-mommy look because her babies were fast drinkers.


Projectile Motion

Projectile Motion

These 2 months gave me a fresh new perspective to projectile motion. It was defined by formula in my JC F maths, physics days. But that was all theoretical. Nothing quite prepared me for the practical.

In practical, projectile motion results in the following (in sequence of frequency and probability) :
1. Changing and washing of bed sheets
2. Changing of baby’s clothes
3. Dunking him in the bathtub for another bath
4. Changing of my own clothes
5. Wiping his face where the resultant of the motion hit him
6. All of the above.

I’ve never experienced that during 宝贝’s infant days. At the most, it was fluid mechanics (ah… One of my least favourite subject with lots of integration and patience while doing experiments.) the pooling of fluid and predicting which direction it’d flow to. Just a matter of wiping the rubber mat, much more predictable than the erratic projectile motion.

Sorry. No photo for this post. Very difficult lar, one hand is holding up two wriggling legs, the other hand is holding the wet wipe to wipe the Sai. No more extra hand to hold the camera to capture the glorious moment when the golden fluid projects into the air, and lands… In the most undesirable places.

Blowing Raspberries

Blowing Raspberries

Pfftttt!!! I’ve been blowing raspberries for almost 2 weeks. Mommy has finally managed to get a decent shot. Speaks a lot about her photography skills…. But I still love her!! Pppfffffftttt!!


As a reward for her hard work, I gifted her with another model-fist-under-chin shot. Ta-da!!


Ya.. There’s a scratch on my cheek. My manicurist (my mommy) wasn’t too good. Very slip shod work… Anyhow cut my nails. Haizzzz….

Morning Exercise

Morning Exercise

She woke up, feeling under the weather. I kept her home although she preferred to go to school. It’s all play now at school so she looks forward to attending it every day. Hope she still feels the same way a few years later.

Kind of perky for a “sick” child?! Her 70s dance moves crack me up. No… I didn’t teach her that. All my friends know that I score at the bottom on the dancing scale. Can’t be too perfect, you know…