Baby Commando Camp Training

Baby Commando Camp Training

At 18 years old, all Singaporean males will be enlisted into National Service.

At 14 days old, 小小宝贝 attended his 1st day of Baby Commando Training Camp.

He did 3 push ups in a row though I’ve only managed to capture 2. Infants are pretty amazing nowadays. 宝贝 managed to do that at around 1.5 months old.

According to the confinement lady, the infants whom she has recently looked after, quite a few were very developed in terms of the physical aspects as compared to the ones, about half a generation back.

During our days, most of us were born, weighing 2-3kg. Nowadays, most babies weigh 3-4kg at birth.

Better nutrients? Human evolution?? Mutation due to pollution?!?!?

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