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Day: January 2, 2013

Away from the Crowd – Changi Airport

Away from the Crowd – Changi Airport

Changi airport is one of our favourite haunts. It’s within a short driving distance, air conditioned, spacious, beautiful. In fact I’m really proud of it. I haven’t found any other airport in the world (so far, an indemnity here) that’s grander than it.

Personally, terminal 3 is my favourite terminal. When it rains, 宝贝 can ride her strider at the spacious basement 1 level with ease. The food court has a wide variety of food. If necessary, we can even do grocery shopping at Ntuc. All in one!

The tall ceiling of the halls with its natural lighting and the living green walls give it an airy, spacious feel. It’s really a luxury to have all these features. It’s not as crowded as the other 2 terminals as it currently services fewer flights and airlines.

And yes I hate crowded places. A strange thing to say in a high density living place like Singapore. That’s precisely why I love Changi Airport. It’s one of the few air conditioned uncrowded places left here. Therefore if you want a little getaway from the crowd, just head east!

宝贝 loves to ride on the sky train (yes… She has a mrt fetish too…) so one of our favourite pastimes is to ride on the sky train from one terminal to the other.

Here’s something from the newly renovated terminal 1 (not so new in fact, it’s just that I was so enamoured with terminal 3 that we seldom visit t1.)

It’s called the Kinetic Rain display, made up of beautifully moulded silver blobs that resemble rain drops. They are connected by wires and are constantly moving in various display formations. One can really stare at it the whole day. It has some kind of hypnotic effect. Hehe. 宝贝 wasn’t too impressed by it though. But she, too, spent quite a while staring at it. She was keener to ride her strider and weave through the occasional crowd.

I prefer the kinetic rain display to the moeller thingy (great big motor vane with a huge flower in front) at Terminal 3. :p