Iphone 4S to Iphone 5

Iphone 4S to Iphone 5

All this waiting for the sync… in time to dash off a quick post.  I know that I shouldn’t even be complaining about this.  All that amount of information to be transferred from one phone to another phone is no mean feat.  20 years ago, no one can even imagine, walking around with a device that has 64Gb storage space, but it’s everywhere now.  And to transfer 32Gb of information… wow!

It’s my 3rd sync already!! Everything is nicely in, except for my whatsapp messages.  Sigh.. Whatsapp keeps giving me grief and yet I can’t do without it.  90% of my contacts have migrated to whatsapp, saving lots of sms cost…  It’s like the loss of an arm and a leg when my whatsapp is empty!!

I hope that this last sync will solve the problem.. I’m already late for an appointment… Sigh… The lengths I would go to, just for this upgrading process… When you are watching the clock, every second feels like an hour…

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