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Day: November 14, 2012

Bedtime Massage

Bedtime Massage

The lights were out, everything was dark and quiet.

A little voice piped, “Mama! My foot is painful!” A little foot stuck out from the side of the bed.

“What’s wrong with your foot?”

“Pain.. I need a press press.”

“What’s a press press??”

“Like this!” She grabbed her left foot and pressed her sole with her little thumbs.

“Ah… You mean massage. Ok.”

I massaged her left foot very thoroughly. I could see her blissful smile in the moonlight. She sure was enjoying it. “Ok done! You can sleep now.”

“You didn’t scratch it.”

“Scratch?! You mean like this?!” I scratched her sole 2 times with my nails.

“Yes. Now my right foot. Pain!”

Hmmm… It sounded awfully suspicious to me. But I humoured her anyway, finishing it off with the little scratch.

“Why do I need to scratch it??”

“PoPo does it. PaPa also.”

“Hmpppff.. Ok” Weird I thought to myself.

“My hands.”

I did a quick one on both her palms.

“My face! Need forehead massage”

“Are you sure Papa and PoPo do this before bedtime?!?!”

She nodded.


Face massage.

“Mama. Now tummy!”

“Tummy?!” It’s never ending!! I rubbed her round tummy and ended it with a scratch.

“Nose, mama!”

“No one does nose massage!!! How do you do nose massage?!”

“Like this!” She squeezed her little button nose between her thumb and index finger.

“No I’m not going to do that! You are going to sleep now!!”

“Papa does it!!”

“Nonono! Sleep or you will miss your party tomorrow!!”

Later, in the evening I asked the hub incredulously,” Do you give her full body massage before bedtime, including her nose?!”

“Of course not. I only pat her on her tummy occasionally.”

DARN! Taken for a ride for a 3 year old!! Hmpf!! >.<

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